Are you a  Beer lover who resides in Texas? If you do, then this Beer guide is meant for you. We will gain some helpful knowledge about the Beer guidelines imposed by the Texas alcoholic beverage Commission. From “What time do they stop selling beer in Texas?” to understanding nearby Beer mandates, this guide will cover every detail.

In Texas, Beer Sales commonly stop at noon, Monday through Friday, and at 1 a.m. on Saturdays. On Sundays, sales begin early in the afternoon and close at noon. These guidelines, set by the Texas alcoholic beverage Commission, assist with keeping up with dependable alcohol utilization and complying with state rules.

Understanding the regulations set by the Texas alcoholic beverage Commission guarantees consistency, encouraging capable alcohol rehearses and legal activities. So, read the article ahead to clear out all your confusion.

Texas Beer Selling Laws- Permits Required

In Texas, beer-selling regulations are under the Texas alcoholic beverage Commission (TABC). To sell Beer legally, shop owners need a permit. There are a few kinds of permits, each addressing different conditions. The main permits for beer of sale are the On-Premise Permit for serving beer on-site and the Off-Premise Permit for selling beer for off-site consumption.texas beer law

Obtaining a Beer Selling Permit involves a rigorous application process, and to compete, businesses must adhere to TABC regulations regarding age licenses, separate background checks, and maintaining knowledge of the drafting guidelines. Moreover, like TABC, you are under the ABT if you belong to Tampa. Businesses in Tampa must stay informed about local regulations, such as when you can buy alcohol in Tampa, to ensure compliance with the city’s specific guidelines.

Associations must comprehend the specifics of Texas’s Beer-providing regulations to ensure uniformity and avoid legal problems. Fines, grant crossing out, or other disciplinary actions may result from failing to obtain the principal’s permission or rejecting the TABC guidelines. Associations may remain up to current on the Texas Beer business by regularly checking for updates and staying informed about policies and rules as they change.

What Time Do They Stop Selling Beer In Texas?

Let’s learn about it in detail.

Legal Sale Hours in Texas:

In Texas, Beer sale depends upon hours allowed by the Texas alcoholic beverage Commission (TABC). Understanding these hours is vital for customers and organizations to remain consistent with state guidelines.

General Sale Hours:

The overall guideline for Beer Sales in Texas considers retail Beer Sales from 7 a.m. to 12 PM, Monday through Friday. Friday is sometimes considered a weekend night as well. So, what time can you buy beer in Texas on Friday? It is also a common question, but times remain the same on Fridays as on other weekdays.general sale hours

Now, let us come to the weekend timings. What time do they stop selling beer in Texas on Saturday? The admissible Sales hours on Saturdays are from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. the next day. These hours might shift depending on neighborhood mandates, so knowing about any extra limitations imposed by the city or province is essential.

Sunday Sales Restrictions:

What time does beer stop selling in Texas on Sundays? Sundays have different guidelines regarding beer sales. Usually, beer can be sold from early afternoon on Sundays until late night. Certain regions have different timings. Even around the United States, these guidelines differ. sunday sales restrictions

For instance, the Sunday alcohol serving hours in Orlando may vary from those in Tampa.

Significant Considerations:

While these are the standard hours for Beer Sales in Texas, it’s essential to note that Beer offers are restricted on specific occasions, like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Also, individual districts might have stricter guidelines, so organizations should know about and comply with neighborhood regulations to avoid legal issues.

Punishments for Violations:

Inability to agree with these guidelines can lead to punishments, including fines, suspension of licenses, or other serious outcomes. Organizations and customers need to know the legal Sale hours to guarantee a dependable and legal way to sell with Beer utilization in Texas.punishments for violations

In rundown, the offer of Beer in Texas follows exact hours directed by TABC guidelines, with varieties relying upon the day and possible extra limitations at the nearby level. Remaining informed about these guidelines is essential for organizations and shoppers to avoid legal issues connected with beer Sales in the state.

What are the Other Locations to Buy Alcohol?

Here are some locations which you can visit to buy Alcohol.

Retail locations and Alcohol Shops:

One of the most widely recognized areas to buy alcohol is retail locations and alcohol shops.

retail locations and alcohol shops

These foundations ordinarily offer alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine, and other beer. In Texas, these stores work within specific hours controlled by the Texas alcoholic beverage Commission (TABC).


Supermarkets are usually approved to sell Beer and wine.


These areas benefit purchasers who can remember alcoholic beverages for their standard shopping trips. It’s important to know that sales hours and beverage options may vary, and restrictions could be based on local laws.

Gas Stations:

Gas stations are also popular locations to sell Beer, as people often make quick pit stops there.

gas stations

What time do gas stations stop selling beer in Texas? In Texas, gas stations typically stop selling beer at midnight, according to state regulations. However, specific hours may vary, so checking with individual locations for accurate information is advisable.

Bars and Restaurants:

Bars and cafés hold licenses to serve alcoholic beverages for on-premise utilization.

bars and restaurants

These establishments provide a communal setting where patrons can enjoy a drink alongside meals or in designated drinking areas. The alcohol offered in bars and eateries depends on the exact hours set by TABC guidelines, and alcohol buyers need to know about any limitations that might apply.

Online Retailers:

With the growth of the internet business, online retailers have become an easy choice for buying alcohol. Many states, including Texas, permit the web-based Sale of alcoholic beverages.

online retailers

Buying stuff online often makes people question the taste of beer or alcohol. So, what does beer taste like? It tastes good with quality ingredients no matter where you purchase it. However, customers should guarantee consistency with age confirmation and a particular guideline overseeing the web alcohol Sales in their area.

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Specialty Alcohol Stores:

Specific areas offer an organized choice of premium and uncommon alcoholic beverages. These specialized liquor stores cater to individuals seeking unique or hard-to-find beverage options. While these stores might have exact working hours, they give a fantastic shopping experience to those looking for various alcoholic items. 

specialty alcohol stores

They know the locations of alcohol stores, so customers may make educated choices and follow local laws. To encourage responsible use, people should be informed of the local laws governing the sale of alcohol, whether they are purchasing it from stores, supermarkets, pubs, internet retailers, or specialized shops.


What time do they start selling beer in Texas?

Beer in Texas is sold from 7 a.m. to 12 PM, Monday to Friday. On Saturday, it is sold from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. On Sundays, Beer Deals start around the early evening and go on until late night.

What are the new alcohol laws in Texas in 2024?

In 2021, Texas had a change in its alcohol regulations. Beer and wine are sold on Sundays from 10 a.m. Alcohol stores can remain open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Monday to Saturday.

Can you sell Alcohol in Texas without a Permit?

No, to sell alcohol in Texas, organizations need a valid permit to avoid legal troubles.

Is drinking on Sunday illegal in Texas?

No, drinking on Sunday isn't illegal in Texas. They are buying alcohol before specific Sunday hours might be confined. Continuously comply with neighborhood laws and Texas alcoholic beverage Commission guidelines for exact data on alcohol Sales and utilization.


We answered the query “What time do they stop selling beer in Texas?” in detail. The Texas alcoholic beverage Commission sets exact hours for Beer Sales, changing over time and depending upon the neighborhood. Following these regulations is essential to avoid punishments or other legal troubles. People should remain informed about any updates or changes to these guidelines.

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