Are you an alcohol lover and thinking about buying or enjoying alcohol in Texas? Understanding the ins and outs of the laws that run in Texas is super important. This article answers the question, ‘ What time can you buy alcohol in Texas?’ We will further explain the changing timings and rules that apply to liquor sales in Texas, giving you an idea of when and how people can legally buy their favorite alcohol. 

You can buy liquor in Texas from 7 am to 12 pm (until 1 am on Saturdays) and alcohol and wine from 10 am to 9 pm (except on Sundays). Further changes in timings depend on local area laws.

Further diving into this article about ‘What time can you buy alcohol in Texas’ will help you learn every aspect of Texas alcohol laws so that your alcohol-buying experience remains fun. Knowing the buying times and exploring local options is a great way to avoid legal trouble. 

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When Can I Buy Alcohol in Texas?

Texas has a set of strict rules regarding alcohol sales. This includes wine and Beer also. Let’s further resolve your question regarding how late can you buy Beer in Texas.

What Time Can You Buy Beer in Texas Stores? 

In Texas, Alcohol sales are under the control of the Texas alcoholic beverage Commission. So, what time can you buy alcohol in Texas on Monday? You can buy Beer from your nearby retail store or liquor store between 7 am and midnight Monday through Friday. Sometimes, Saturdays are not counted as a weekend as most corporate workers also work Saturdays.

beer in texas

Due to this, you might wonder: What time can you buy alcohol on Saturdays in Texas? Beer is sold from 7 am on Saturdays to 1 am on Sundays. On Sundays, Beer sales start from early afternoon until late night. Texas and Florida are close distance-wise in the US.

People frequently visit Orlando (Florida) due to its fantastic tourist spots. Alcohol is a part of the culture, so you can learn about what time you can buy alcohol in Orlando before visiting.

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What Time Can You Buy Liquor in Texas Stores?

You can buy alcohol from a store between 10 am to 9 pm, Monday to Saturday. 

liquor in texas

While learning about Texas’s alcohol laws, you can also know when you can buy alcohol in California if you are a frequent visitor to the state due to its significant tourism. These guidelines aim to balance liquor access with public safety concerns. Like beer sales, local laws could impact these hours, so you must be aware of any extra restrictions in your area.

What Time Can You Buy Wine in Texas Stores?

In Texas, buying wine follows a similar timing as alcohol sales. You can purchase wine from 10 am to 9 pm, Monday to Saturday, just like alcohol. But on Sundays, wine sales stop, following the same rules as alcohol.

wine in texas

These rules about wine sales show how the state handles alcohol. Checking these hours and local differences is wise to avoid any trouble. For those curious about what time can you buy alcohol in Texas, understanding these nuances is crucial.

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What Time Can You Be Served Alcohol in Texas?

In Texas, bars and restaurants can serve customers their favorite alcohol from 7 am to noon, Monday to Friday. The sale can start on Saturdays at 7 am and end at 1 am. Sunday service can begin around noon and must end by midnight.

alcohol in texas

Everyone, both customers and businesses, must follow these rules for a safe and legal drinking setting.

Understanding the Complexity of Texas Alcohol Laws 

The laws governing alcohol in Texas are like a patchwork quilt, influencing sales, consumption, and sharing throughout the state. Diving into these rules and understanding the little details is essential.

Looking Back: How Texas’ Booze Rules Came to Be

Texas endured a lot with booze in the past. 1933 Prohibition ended, but not everyone got to enjoy a drink freely. Instead, Texas set up the Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) with strict rules about how alcohol could be sold and consumed.

alcoholic beverage commission

They established the legislation, dictating the state’s policies around alcohol. 

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Getting Licensed: It’s a Whole System

In Texas, the proper paperwork is required if you wish to deal with alcohol. A complex tier system of licenses exists for various kinds of alcohol and locations. License checking is also quite prominent in Tampa. Before visiting Tampa, you should learn what time you can buy alcohol in Tampa to avoid any troubles.

license for liquor

Each type of beverage, including wine, Beer, and mixed beverages, has regulations, costs, and checklists, making the system somewhat tricky to understand.

Where You Live Matters: It Can Be Wet, Dry, or Somewhere in Between

Texas has wet counties (very laid-back areas) and dry counties (stricter regions). Subsequently, intermediate zones exist where the regulations may combine elements of both. It resembles a patchwork quilt made up of many rules.

texas map

For those wondering what time can you buy alcohol in Texas, understanding the local distinctions is crucial.

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The Strange Rules: What Contains The Trickiness

These quirky rules, like those blue laws, say you can’t buy booze on Sundays or at certain times. These little peculiarities mean that companies and clients must stay on their toes, knowing precisely what’s allowed and no

blue laws

Pinellas County also follows some of the same rules as Texas. 

How it Affects Everyone: Navigating the Legal Maze

Businesses must stick to these rules to steer clear of any issues.

drinking alcohol in texas

Plus, these restrictions impact when and where folks can enjoy their drinks. 

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Can you buy alcohol at Walmart in Texas?

Yes, alcohol drinkers in Texas can find alcohol in their nearest Walmart stores.

Can you buy liquor in a grocery store in Texas?

No, grocery stores cannot sell alcohol in Texas. Alcohol is only available in liquor stores.

How early can you buy Beer in Texas?

People can buy Beer in Texas from 7 am on weekdays and Saturdays. Sunday's timings differ a bit.

What time can you buy alcohol on Sundays in TX?

On Sundays, beer sales are from the afternoon until midnight.


A rough idea of Texas’ alcohol laws, whether you’re a local or a visitor, is good. Asking, “What time can you buy alcohol in Texas?” helps clarify these laws. Following the specified time restrictions and staying updated on local regulations, people can responsibly navigate Texas’ laws and ensure they comply.

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