Corona Beer, a Mexican symbol known for its particular taste, is a loved Beer worldwide. This article will teach you about the unique flavors of this beer. If you haven’t tried the beer before, your query about what Corona beer tastes like will also be resolved. 

Corona beer offers a fresh, light taste with a slight maltiness, sweetness, and bitterness for that extra burst of flavor. To complement its flavors, bartenders often serve it with a wedge of lime, adding a citrus punch. Its simple drinking profile has made it a worldwide #1.

Investigate the charm of Corona beer in terms of taste in this article. Uncover the flavor varieties that make it number 1 worldwide. Reading this article on What Corona Beers taste like will develop your appreciation for this fantastic refreshment and improve your happiness regarding this unique Mexican blend.

What is Corona Beer? Brand Overview

Established in 1925, Corona Beer is a Mexican brand that has become very attached to oceanside getaways and casual, friendly catchups. Grupo Modelo created it. It is now one of the world’s leading brew brands. Known for its distinctive pale ale, Corona is famous for its unique serving style. Bar-tenders frequently serve it with a wedge of lime on the edge of its glass bottle.what does it tatses like

The Beer’s charm lies in its fresh taste and easygoing Beer style. Corona has accomplished worldwide ranking, especially in the US. Its relationship with ocean-side culture and open-air satisfaction hosts made it a staple at gatherings, grills, and resorts.

Nonetheless, the brand faced difficulties during the coronavirus pandemic when misinterpretations emerged because of its name’s similarity to the infection. Even after facing this complex and irrelevant situation, Corona has maintained its high sales. 

What Does Corona Beer Taste Like?

Here’s the answer to ” What does Corona beer taste like?’. Corona Beer is famous for its fresh and light taste. A pale ale offers a simple yet joyful drinking experience. It has a gentle maltiness with a touch of sweetness, balanced by a bit of bitterness. Brewers use grain malt, which gives it a maltiness. Corn is also an essential ingredient. Corn in the preparation gives it a light profile. 

Tasting Notes

Corona Beer has a flavorful blast. When you take a sip, you experience a gentle maltiness, a sweet punch, and hints of bitterness. Its premium variety is Corona Premium.


So, what does Corona Premium taste like? Its flavor is equally subtle, with just a bit of sweetness. Using grain malt and considering corn in the blending system add to the Beer’s smooth flavor profile.

Aroma of Corona

Corona Beer has a fresh and citrusy aroma. The bottle releases a faint smell of malt grains and a hint of hops. The scent is low-key yet lovely, allowing for the light and reviving experience that follows. aromaThe fragrance upgrades the general drinking experience, adding to the expectation of the Beer’s fresh and fulfilling taste.

Sweetness of Corona

The overall flavor profile of Corona Beer is significantly subtly sweet. The sweetness is gentle and very much incorporated, adding to the Beer’s nature. Why does Corona Beer taste different? Because of the carefully chosen ingredients and the brewing process, this sweetness enhances the flavor without taking over the taste palate. It makes Corona a versatile option for people who like beer with a subtle sweetness without being overpowering.

Refreshing Finish

Corona Beer’s refreshing finish is one of its best features. After each sip, combining a light body, balanced flavors, and fizz produces a crisp and energizing finish. refreshing finishCorona’s refreshing finish makes it an excellent choice for social gatherings and during warm weather. The shortfall of a waiting persistent flavor adds to the Beer’s standing for simple drinking and is reasonable for different settings.

Is Corona a Sweet Beer? 

Corona Beer isn’t a sweet Beer in the conventional sense. Despite its slight sweetness, it is well-balanced with other flavors, particularly a mild maltiness and mild hop bitterness.

Why is Corona Beer So Expensive?

The pricing of Corona Beer is similar to any other Beer item. It can be affected by different elements. One critical variable adding to its apparent more significant expense could be its import status, mainly if you buy it in a district where it isn’t privately delivered. Bringing in includes extra costs, for example, duties, transportation expenses, and charges, which can add to the general price.

Corona has put much effort into promoting its beer as a deep-rooted and globally perceived brand. It has partnered with a lot of promotional companies to increase its advertisements. why is it expensive

Also, the use of value ingredients and the preparation system can influence the expense of creation. If Corona utilizes top-notch grain, explicit types of hops, or follows specific preparation strategies, it could bring about a more significant expense, reflected in the item’s cost.

Corona Light vs Corona Extra: What Does Corona Beer Taste Like?

Corona Light and Corona Extra are two famous varieties of the Corona brand. Here is a comparison between these two so you can choose wisely among them.

Corona Extra:

Let’s focus on the qualities of Corona Extra.

  • Corona Extra is the firstborn of the Corona brand, making it unique. It is famous for its light and fresh taste.
  • It has a higher Alcohol by volume (ABV) than lighter ABV Corona Light.
  • Considering the calorie content of beer is crucial for health-conscious individuals. Corona Extra has more calories than Corona Light. So, consuming Corona Light will be better for health-conscious people.corona extra
  • Corona Extra has a simple flavor profile with a gentle maltiness, a touch of sweetness, and a slight bitterness.
  • It is frequently presented with a wedge of lime, which many individuals accept upgrades the general drinking experience.

Corona Light:

Let’s look at some of the qualities of Corona light.

  • Corona Light is intended for a lighter brew choice.
  • It regularly has a lower ABV contrasted with Corona Extra. Similarly, Dos Equis, another Mexican brand, tends to have a higher alcohol content than Corona. Therefore, Corona is a favorable alternative to Dos Equis for those seeking a lighter drinking option.light beer
  • Corona Light is showcased as a lower-calorie option than Corona Extra. 
  • While keeping up with the pith of Corona’s flavor, Corona Light offers a milder taste with fewer calories.
  • Like Corona Extra, it is ordinarily presented with a lime wedge.

Picking between Corona Light and Corona Extra frequently relies upon individual preferences, with Corona Light attractive to those searching for a lighter choice regarding flavor and calorie content. At the same time, Corona Extra is liked by the people who partake in a more full taste. The two assortments share the trademark simple drinking quality that characterizes the Corona Beer brand.

Best Ways to Drink Corona?

The most effective way to drink Corona Beer, to a great extent, relies upon individual preferences; however, there are a few famous and pleasant techniques:

Chilled and Directly from the Jug: 

Corona is often appreciated directly from the container, mainly when cold. chilled and directly from the jugThe glass lets you see the value in the Corona Beer’s pale tone, and the reviving taste can be relished with practically no extra ingredients.


Bartenders often experiment with alcohol to create unique drinks to serve. corona ritaCoronaRita is one of those experiments. Bartenders gave rise to CoronaRita, which is a cocktail drink. It is a jug of Corona Beer with a margarita. Beer lovers enjoy this drink a lot.

Why Do You Put a Lime in Corona Beer?

One of the most famous ways of getting a charge out of Corona is by serving it with a wedge of lime. why do you put a lime in coronaFitting a lime into the brew can add a citrus punch, upgrading the general flavor. 

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Is Corona Beer Spicy?

No, it is not spicy but slightly bitter.

Why does Corona taste so bad?

Corona might not taste as good for some people because of taste differences. Some might find Corona's flavor very average as it is a light Beer.

Corona beer tastes like Dr Pepper?

No, Corona beer does not taste like Dr Pepper. Corona has a different flavor style. Dr Pepper is an ordinary soda, while Corona is a different style of Beer.

Is Corona beer terrible for you?

It is okay if users limit their consumption. It has high calories, so that it can cause obesity and other health issues.


In conclusion, the question of what Corona beer tastes like was easy to answer. Summarizing the above guide, Corona Beer has a refreshing and light flavor. The taste includes maltiness, sweetness, and a dash of bitterness. With rising experiments with its serving, Corona has become a top-tier quality beer that a large population loves.

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