Are you curious about the sizing of Tall Can of Beer? What sets them apart from standard cans? This article delves into tall cans, exploring their sizing and why they have become popular among beer enthusiasts.

A tall Can of Beer is an elongated container that typically holds 16 ounces or 473 ml of beer, offering a larger serving size and catering to the preferences of beer enthusiasts. To know more about it, keep on reading. tall can beers

Tall beer cans are beverage containers lengthened and made to hold more beer. They have gained immense popularity due to several reasons:

  1. The larger serving size offers beer enthusiasts a more substantial drink.
  2. Tall cans are popular because they are portable and ideal for outdoor events and social gatherings.
  3. They have become popular among craft beer enthusiasts as they can accommodate speciality brews and unique flavours.

Let us know more about Tall Can of Beer. If you are on any other website, you might want to check this guide on making a Beer Keg.

The Different Sizes of Tall Cans

Tall beer cans come in various sizes to accommodate different preferences and drinking occasions. Let’s explore the most common sizes and understand what sets them apart.

The standard size for a tall can is 16 ounces (473 ml). This site provides a generous serving of beer and is widely available across different brands and breweries. It strikes a balance between offering a substantial amount of beer and being easy to handle. So this is how tall can beer ml is. can sizes

However, a 24-ounce (710 ml) tall can, sometimes known as a “Tall Boy,” provides an even more enormous amount. The amount of beer each can hold accounts for most differences between 16 oz and 24 oz cans. The bigger serving size of the 24 oz makes it perfect for individuals who like a more significant portion or for sharing with friends. So this is all about Tall Can of Beer sizing.

In terms of size, tall cans differ from conventional 12-ounce cans by being taller and narrower in form. Classic tall can have a height of around 6.2 inches (15.7 centimetres) and a diameter of about 2.6 inches (6.6 centimetres), though actual measurements may fluctuate significantly across brands and manufacturers.

The taller and narrower shape of tall cans helps preserve carbonation by reducing the beer’s exposure to air. This design makes them easier to hold and stack, making them convenient for outdoor gatherings, parties, and events. How many ml in a tall can of beer must be clear. Here is an article on understanding if Beer is Fizzy.

The Science Behind Tall Cans

Tall beer cans offer a convenient and enjoyable drinking experience and have scientific considerations that can impact your beer-drinking journey. Let’s explore some of the science behind tall cans.

The alcohol content in tall cans is an essential factor to consider. While the King can ml size doesn’t directly affect the alcohol content, it does influence the quantity of beer consumed. To comprehend the strength of the beer, it is necessary to be aware of the alcohol by volume (ABV) stated on the can. This information allows you to moderate your consumption and make responsible choices.

The speed at which you consume a ton can impact your drinking experience. The carbonation in beer helps enhance the flavours and aromas but can diminish over time when exposed to air.

To fully enjoy the beer’s carbonation, consuming a tall can of beer within a reasonable time, typically within 30-45 minutes, is often advisable. This timeframe may vary depending on personal preferences and beer styles.

It’s worth noting that drinking responsibly is essential to avoid the harmful effects of excessive alcohol consumption. Pace yourself and listen to your body’s cues to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience.

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Top Brands to Try

There are many brands to explore when it comes to enjoying tall cans of beer. Whether you’re a fan of craft beers or prefer macro brews, here are some top brands to consider for your next tall can experience.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Known for its innovative and flavorful craft beers, Sierra Nevada offers a range of options in tall cans.

sierra nevada

Their tall cans deliver exceptional taste and quality, from their iconic Pale Ale to their Hazy Little Thing IPA.

Visit: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Founders Brewing Co.

With a reputation for bold and robust flavours, Founders Brewing Co. offers a diverse lineup of craft beers in tall cans.

founders brewing co.

Their All Day IPA and Breakfast Stout are trendy choices for beer enthusiasts.

Visit: Founders Brewing Co.

 Dogfish Head Brewery

Dogfish Head Brewery combines creativity and craftsmanship to produce unique and exciting beers.

dogfish head

Look out for their 60-minute IPA and SeaQuench Ale, both available in tall cans, offering a refreshing and flavorful drinking experience.

Visit: Dogfish Head Brewery


A household name in the beer industry, Budweiser offers its classic lager in tall cans.


The crisp and smooth taste of Budweiser is a go-to choice for many beer drinkers.

Visit: Busweiser

Coors Banquet

The American-style beer that Coors Banquet is famous for is golden and energizing.

coors banquet

Enjoy the heritage and tradition of this iconic brand in the convenience of a tall can.

Visit: Coors Banquet

Miller Lite

For those seeking a lighter option, Miller Lite is a popular choice.

miller lite

This low-calorie beer offers a clean and crisp taste, perfect for casual gatherings and outdoor activities.

Visit: Miller Lite

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The Economics of Tall Cans

Tall beer cans provide a practical and pleasurable drinking experience and economic benefits for consumers and companies. Let’s examine the tall cans’ economics.

The price of a tall can, influenced by the beer’s brand, kind, and location, can often be a subject of curiosity for beer enthusiasts. Delving into brewing details, one might wonder, “What are hops in beer?” These essential ingredients can play a role in determining the distinct characteristics of different brews.

Due to their more significant dimensions, tall cans typically cost more than 12 ounces. Craft beers in a King can, often featuring a meticulous use of hops for enhanced flavors, can command a premium price due to their higher-quality ingredients and brewing techniques. A tall can usually cost between $2 and $6, with the specific beer and market conditions significantly impacting this range.

Tall cans are available in a variety of locations. Grocery stores, specialty beer shops, and liquor stores may all carry them. Numerous brewers also offer taprooms or online shops where you can buy their beers in tall cans right from the manufacturer. It’s also important to remember that certain taverns and eateries may include tall cans on their drink menu.

Depending on your location and the specific brands you’re interested in, tall cans could also be more or less accessible. To identify the finest places to get tall cans in your neighborhood, contacting nearby merchants or browsing brewery websites is a good idea. So this article must have cleared all your doubts about how many ml in a beer can.

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Can a Tall Can Get You Drunk?

The alcohol content in a tall can of beer is the same as any other beer with a similar alcohol by volume (ABV) percentage. The size of the can does not directly affect how drunk you may get. However, since tall cans typically hold more beer than standard cans, it's essential to be mindful of your consumption and drink responsibly.

What Are Tall Cans Called?

Tall cans are commonly referred to by their size or specific names. The most common length is 16 ounces (473 ml), and these cans are often called 'pint cans' or 'tallboys.' Larger sizes, such as 19.2 ounces (568 ml) or 24 ounces (710 ml), may be called 'Imperial pints' or simply 'tall cans.' The names used can vary regionally or may be associated with certain brands or breweries.

Are Tall Cans Recyclable?

Most tall cans are of aluminum, which is highly recyclable. Aluminum cans have a high recycling rate and can be recycled repeatedly without losing quality. It's essential to dispose of tall cans in recycling bins or take them to recycle centers to ensure they are properly recycled and contribute to sustainable practices.

Do Tall Cans Affect the Taste of Beer?

The design of tall cans, with their taller and narrower shape, helps to preserve carbonation and maintain the beer's freshness. This can positively impact the taste of the beer by keeping it crisper and more carbonated for extended periods. However, the taste of the beer itself is primarily influenced by factors such as ingredients, brewing techniques, and storage conditions rather than the can size.


Understanding the sizing of Tall Can of Beer is essential for beer enthusiasts and consumers alike. These elongated cans typically hold 16 ounces or 473 ml of beer, offering a larger serving size than standard cans. They are famous for their convenience, portability, and ability to accommodate craft beers and specialty beverages. Whether you’re enjoying a refreshing drink at a party, a sporting event, or simply at home, knowing the ins and outs of tall can sizing ensures you can make informed choices and savor your favorite brew to the fullest.

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