Ever wonder how the bartenders pour beer so perfectly? Welcome to our guide on how to pour a beer like a Pro Bartender. With some simple techniques, you’ll impress friends and enjoy flavor from every sip. We’ve compiled five key ways to tap into your inner barkeep, from selecting the right glassware to mastering different tap systems. 

Beer taps move liquid fast. Start by wiping spouts. Hold glasses at 45 degrees under taps and focus streams in the middle. Slowly lift as it fills, leaving room for fluffy foam tops. With practice, you’ll enjoy perfectly poured pints.

Pouring a perfect beer is easy when you know the tricks. Hold the glass at a 45-degree angle and aim for the middle. Tilt slowly as the foam rises, and stop when it reaches your desired level. If you’re curious about how long beer lasts, understanding the nuances of pouring also contributes to preserving the quality of your beer. Let it settle for a moment before enjoying it. The goal is creamy foam on top of a golden drink below. With practice, you’ll be pouring like a pro in no time! Keep reading to learn more about how to pour a beer and other beer-related topics!

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5 Ways to Pour Beer

Whether enjoying a pint at your local pub or sharing a cold one with friends at home, pouring beer properly is an art. Here are 5 foolproof ways how to pour a beer like a pro. If you’re interested in volume measurement, such as Tall Beer Oz, mastering these techniques ensures the perfect balance of foam and flavor in every pour, enhancing your beer-drinking experience.

From a Tap

Beer taps pour at pressure to move the liquid quickly. Start by wiping any drips from the tap nozzle with a cloth or paper towel. Hold your glass at a 45-degree angle beneath the tap spout. As the beer begins to pour, focus the stream on the middle of the glass for even dispersion.pour beer from a tap

This allows a steady flow down the inside of the vessel. Continue tilting slowly upright as it fills to around an inch from the rim. Aiming the pour and tilting gradually gives you the beer room to release just the right amount of carbonation through a creamy 1/2-inch foam layer. 

The rich head adds texture and aroma that enhances the drinking experience. Try different pouring speeds to see what you prefer based on the beer style. IPAs tend to need less foam than stouts or porters, for example. You’ll develop a feel for achieving perfectly poured pints every time with practice. So this is how to pour beer from a tap.

From A Can

Whether busy on the go or relaxing at home, beer cans make drinking easy. But pouring a beer from them takes some finesse to avoid a foamy mess. Give the can a gentle twist to break the seal before opening fully.pour beer from can

Hold the can above the glass at a 30 to 45-degree angle, about six inches above the rim. Pour steadily down the inside wall of the vessel rather than directly down the center. This indirect pour path calms the bubbles as they enter the glass. 

Go slowly and stop just before the can is empty to leave any sediment behind. With a lighter grip and angled introduction, you’ll end up with a smoothly poured beer crowned by a 1/2-inch fluffy head. So this is how to pour beer from a can.

From a Nitro tap

Beers infused with nitrogen bubbles have an ultra-smooth creaminess to them. However, their sensitive carbonation also means they foam up easily. Start your pour by holding the glass at a 45-degree angle below the tap. pour beer from a nitro tap

Unleash the tap smoothly and allow the pale tan liquid to flow gently down the center of the tilted vessel. Nitrogenated beers need space to breathe, so pour only 3/4 of the way full Initially. 

Then, tilt slowly upright to finish filling. The pour path and gradual tilting allow a thick pillow of tan-colored foam, around 1-2 inches tall, to crown your craft beer. Enjoy the richly soft mouthfeel and flavor from a perfectly poured nitro pour. So this is how you pour a beer.

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From a bottle

Whether a sleek craft bottle or classic green glass, beer bottles are meant for sharing good times with friends and taking care of the pour, and everyone can savor perfect pints. Begin by wiping condensation from the label area with a paper towel or cloth.

pour beer from a bottle

Hold the bottle tilted at a 45-degree angle away from you, around six inches above the glass rim. Pour down the inside wall of the vessel rather than straight down the center. This indirect path slows the flow and minimizes air disruption that causes foaming. 

As the bottle nears empty, slowly tilt it upright to end with around an inch left in the glass. The controlled pour should result in a 1/2-inch fluffy head crowning your beer. Bottoms up!

Without creating any Foam

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to the frothy layer atop a beer. For those after a truly smooth pour, focus on temperature control and pouring precision. Make sure your beer, glassware, and pouring surfaces are well chilled before beginning.pour beer without creating foam

Cold liquids and vessels minimize bubbles forming. Hold the glass at a 45-degree angle and pour gently down the inside while tilting slowly upright as it fills. Pour with care and let gravity do the work of separating the liquid from the gas. 

By prioritizing a chilled environment and gliding pour angle, you’ve allowed for a fluid beer free of excessive foam, hovering delicately on top. If you’re interested in the highest percent alcohol beer, mastering the art of pouring contributes to savoring pure flavors and aromas without any textural distractions between your lips and the brew. So that is all about how to pour a beer. Sláinte!

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When should I start pouring?

Get the glass in position before opening the tap. As soon as the tap opens, it starts pouring slowly and steadily. This avoids excess foam.

How can I prevent too much foam?

Tilt the glass farther as it fills up. Pour down the side so the flow hits the beer gently. Swirl the foam with the rim of the glass if it starts overflowing.

What's the right amount of head?

Aim for about a finger's width of foam. Too little and it's flat, too much and it's messy to drink. The head should disappear slowly as you enjoy your beer.

How cold should the glass be?

Cold glass is best to prevent warming the beer too fast. Chill it in the refrigerator for an hour beforehand. Don't freeze it, or you risk cracking.


Pouring beer perfectly takes some practice but is so worth it for the impressed looks from your friends and family when they taste that perfectly balanced beer. Mastering proper technique helps ensure everyone can enjoy their cold drinks without a mess. If you’re curious about how many gallons are in a beer barrel, understanding the right combination of angle, speed, and patience in pouring contributes to a seamless drinking experience. With the right skills, you’ll impress everyone with your pro-level pouring skills in no time. Keep practicing different styles to match any beer to its ideal presentation. Soon, you’ll feel right at home behind the bar. Cheers to enjoying and sharing great beer! We hope this article on how to pour a beer has helped you know everything about it.

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