“Discovering the right growler size for your beer adventures is essential, and it all starts with understanding the ounces. In this ultimate measurement guide, we’ll unravel the mysteries of growler sizes and answer the query “How many ounces are in a growler,” helping you make informed choices for your craft beer enjoyment. Cheers to finding the perfect pour!”

A standard growler typically comes in two sizes: 32 ounces (946 ml) and 64 ounces (1.89 liters). The smaller size is known as a “howler,” while the larger is called a “growler.” These measurements are widely used in the craft beer industry for take-home draft beer.’growlers

Reading this article, “How Many Ounces Are in a Growler: The Ultimate Measurement Guide,” is essential for craft beer enthusiasts. It offers valuable insights into growler sizes, helping you choose the right one for your needs and ensuring you enjoy fresh draft beer to the fullest. Make informed decisions and elevate your beer experience! If you are on any other website, you might want to check this article on understanding Beer sizes.

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A Growler: Definition and History

A growler is a term that can allude to both a holder and the refreshment it holds. It is connected with specialty Beer culture and has recently acquired prevalence, furnishing Beer fans with a helpful method for getting a charge out of new draft Beer from bottling works and taverns. To know more about Growlers, check this out.


Container: A growler is a reusable compartment generally made of glass, hardened steel, or earthenware intended to hold and move Beer. It typically includes a screw-on or flip top that keeps up with the Beer’s newness by limiting openness to air and light. growlersGrowlers come in different sizes, with the most well-known ones holding 32 or 64 liquid ounces (roughly 946 ml or 1.89 liters).

Beverage: The expression “growler” can likewise allude to the actual Beer put away in these compartments. It is typically a new draft Beer filled straightforwardly from a tap and closed in the growler for utilization site. beveragesThe accessibility of various Beer styles in growlers changes depending upon the distillery or pub.


The beginning of the expression “growler” with regards to Beer is, to some degree, dinky; however, it probably traces back to the late nineteenth or mid-twentieth 100 years. One famous hypothesis proposes that it begins from the sound the metal bucket covers made when carbonated Beer was filled them, creating a snarling or thundering commotion due to getting away from CO2. Another hypothesis recommends that the term was obtained from the clamor made by Beer sloshing around in the compartment as conveyed.history growlers

Growlers were first utilized as benefactors to bring Beer home from cantinas and distilleries before the boundless utilization of jugs and jars. During Restriction in the US (1920-1933), growlers assumed a part in underground Beer dispersion.

How many ounces are in a growler: Sorts of Growlers:

  • Glass Growlers: These are the most conventional kind of growlers, ordinarily golden-hued to shield Beer from light openness. They come in different sizes and are moderately reasonable.
  • Stainless Steel Growlers: Known for their sturdiness and capacity to keep Beer colder, treated steel growlers are famous among open-air aficionados and for longer outings.sorts of growlers
  • Ceramic Growlers: These are uncommon yet appreciated for their remarkable style. Ceramic growlers are superb at keeping up with Beer temperature and are often considered collectible.
  • Pressurized Growlers: A few current growlers accompany work in CO2 cartridges or a compressed framework to keep up with carbonation levels and broaden the Beer’s newness.

The Standard Growler Sizes

Growlers come in different sizes to oblige various inclinations and serving needs. Here are the standard growler sizes:

32-Ounce Growlers:

Limit: 32 liquid ounces, which is roughly 946 milliliters.32 ounce growlers

Portrayal: The 32-ounce growler, or a “howler,” is the more modest and conservative choice among standard growlers. It is ideal for people who need to test various Beers or partake in a solitary serving without focusing on a more significant amount. Its more modest size makes it simple to move and is excellent for evaluating restricted versions or specialty Beers.

64-Ounce Growlers:

Limit: 64 liquid ounces, comparable to 1.89 liters.64 ounce growlers

Portrayal: The 64-ounce growler is the most well-known and broadly perceived size. It’s frequently alluded to as basically a “growler.” This site offers a decent harmony among amount and comfort, making it well known for dividing between companions or partaking in numerous servings over a brief period. It’s a flexible decision for most Beer lovers and is promptly accessible at Beereries and taverns.

128-Ounce Growlers:

Limit: 128 liquid ounces, or 1 gallon (3.79 liters).128 ounce growlers

Depiction: The 128-ounce growler is the most significant standard size and is frequently called a “roulette.” This size is reasonable for get-togethers, gatherings, or when you must load up on your #1 Beer. It’s not generally as regular as the more modest sizes, but a few bottling works offer it for clients who need a more considerable amount of Beer. Because of its significant limit, it’s ideal for dividing between a gathering.

Even with these standard sizes, a few Beereries and taverns might offer growlers in non-standard sizes, like 16-ounce or 40-ounce varieties, to take care of explicit inclinations and client requests.

Why Growler Sizes Matter

Growler sizes assume an urgent part in the satisfaction and reasonableness of specialty Beer, affecting elements like newness, conveyability, and lawful limitations. Here’s the reason growler sizes matter:

Newness and Quality:

  • More modest Growlers: Assuming you intend to polish off your Beer moderately rapidly, more modest growlers like 32-ounce or 64-ounce are great. They hold a restricted amount of Beer, which implies you can complete it quickly, guaranteeing the most extraordinary newness. Beer’s flavor and fragrance can corrupt when presented with oxygen, so limiting the time between filling and utilization is vital for quality.modest growlers
  • Bigger Growlers: Then again, bigger growlers, like 128-ounce ones, are ideal for sharing or for events when you hope to drink the Beer over a more broadened period. bigger growlersNonetheless, the bigger the growler, the more it might take to get done, possibly influencing the Beer’s newness if it is not consumed expeditiously.


  • More modest Growlers: Assuming you’re in a hurry, more modest growlers are more compact and simpler to deal with. They fit easily in rucksacks or coolers, making them appropriate for picnics, climbs, or outings to the ocean side. The 32-ounce growler, specifically, is smaller and helpful for solo undertakings.portability
  • Bigger Growlers: Bigger growlers are bulkier and heavier when filled, which can be less advantageous for transportation. They are more qualified for circumstances where you don’t need to convey them far or where you have an assigned spot to partake in the Beer.

Lawful Restrictions:

  • State and Nearby Regulations: Growler sizes can depend upon lawful limitations and guidelines, which differ by state and territory. A few regions might have explicit regulations concerning the most extreme measure of growlers sold or filled at Beereries and taverns. These guidelines are fundamental to guarantee consistency while buying or filling growlers.

    lawful restrictions

  • Authorizing and Naming: Legitimate necessities may likewise direct how Beereries and taverns mark and sell growlers, given their size. Understanding these regulations is urgent for the two organizations and purchasers.

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Instructions to Pick the Right Growler Size

Picking the right growler size is fundamental to guarantee you have a pleasant specialty Beer insight. A few elements become an integral factor while settling on this choice:

Individual Utilization versus Sharing:

  • Individual Use: If you plan to partake in the Beer all alone or with a small gathering of companions, select a more modest growler size. A 32-ounce or 64-ounce growler is excellent for solo Beer fans or people who need to test different Beers without focusing on an enormous amount.


  • Sharing: For social occasions, gatherings, or occasions where you intend to impart the Beer to a more extensive community, a 128-ounce growler or more prominent is a more functional decision. It gives sufficient Beer to fulfill various individuals and decreases the requirement for continuous tops off.

Kinds of Beverages:

  • Assortment Seeker: If you appreciate attempting different Beer styles and, much of the time, visit Beereries with a turning determination, more modest growlers are worthwhile. They permit you to test various mixes without the gamble of over-the-top waste or lifelessness.

    kinds of beverages

  • Most loved Beer: A bigger growler can be more helpful if you have a most loved Beer that you consistently appreciate and need to keep close by. It guarantees an adequate stockpile of your favored drink without requiring successive excursions to the Beerery.

Capacity Considerations:

  • Refrigeration: Think about your capacity choices. More modest growlers are simpler to fit in a fridge, which is fundamental for keeping up with Beer newness. If your fridge space is restricted, a more modest growler might be a more pragmatic decision.

    capacity considerations

  • Temperature Stability: Because of their expanded volume, bigger growlers can more readily keep up with temperature solidness. temperatureThis is especially applicable assuming you intend to move the Beer for a lengthy period without admittance to refrigeration.

Lawful Restrictions:

Know any legitimate limitations in your space that direct the most extreme size of growlers Beereries can fill or sell.

lawful restrictions

Guarantee you follow these guidelines while pursuing your decision.

Event and Frequency:

Consider how frequently you’ll utilize the growler and the particular events.

special event

More modest growlers are ideal for fast excursions or attempting restricted version discharges, while bigger ones are more qualified for broadened social occasions or routine utilization. Here is a guide on Bulgarian Beer Price.

Growlers versus Other Refreshment Holders

Regarding putting away and shipping drinks, for example, Beer, there are different holder choices to browse, each with advantages and disadvantages. We should contrast growlers and other ordinary refreshment holders like jars, containers, and barrels:



  • Newness: Growlers permit you to bring back home new, draft Beer straightforwardly from the distillery or pub, which can be a massive benefit over canned or packaged Beer.
  • Assortment: They are perfect for attempting a scope of Beer styles in more modest amounts, mainly if you pick a more modest growler size like 32 or 64 ounces.
  • Reusability: Most growlers are reusable, considering them harmless to the ecosystem decision.growlers


  • Restricted time frame of realistic usability: Once opened, growlers ought to be polished off within a few days to keep up with the Beer’s newness.
  • Weight and Conveyability: Filled growlers can be weighty and less convenient than jars or jugs, making them less reasonable for specific circumstances.
  • Size Choices: The accessible sizes may not necessarily suit your particular requirements.



  • Excellent Conservation: Jars give a water/airproof seal that safeguards the drink from light and oxygen, guaranteeing a more extended period of usability and protecting flavor.
  • Movability: Jars are lightweight and straightforward to ship, making them ideal for outside exercises.
  • Recyclability: Aluminum jars are exceptionally recyclable, decreasing the natural effect.cans


  • Restricted Assortment: The assortment of refreshment choices in jars may not be as broad as what’s accessible on draft.
  • No Draft Insight: Canned drinks must catch up on the experience of partaking in a new, draft-poured refreshment.



  • Safeguarding: Like jars, bottles give astounding assurance against light and oxygen, keeping up with refreshment quality.bottles


  • Substantialness: Glass containers can be weighty and more delicate than jars, making them less compact and possibly risky in specific circumstances.
  • Ecological Effect: While recyclable, glass creation has a higher natural impression than jars.



  • Enormous Amounts: Barrels are reasonable for serving refreshments in massive amounts, making them ideal for gatherings, occasions, or bars.
  • Financially savvy: On every unit premise, barrels are, in many cases, more practical than individual holders.
  • Reusability: Barrels are reusable, lessening waste.kegs


  • Space and Gear: Barrels require particular hardware for apportioning, for example, a kegerator or tap framework.
  • Restricted Compactness: They are not down to earth for individual or in-a-hurry use.

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Keeping up with Your Growler: Tips for Life span

To guarantee the life span and nature of your growler and the drinks it conveys, follow these fundamental tips for appropriate upkeep:

Cleaning and Sanitizing:

  • Prompt Rinse: After purging your growler, wash it thoroughly with boiling water at the earliest opportunity to forestall the development of Beer buildup, which can influence future fills.


  • Utilize a Container Brush: Occasionally, utilize a jug brush to scour the inside of your growler. This helps eliminate any waiting deposits or scents.
  • Sanitization: Before topping off, disinfect your growler with a no-flush sanitizer or an answer of water and a modest quantity of unscented dye. Flush it thoroughly with high-temperature water a short time later.

Capacity Tips:

  • Refrigerate Quickly: When loaded with Beer, refrigerate your growler expeditiously to dial back any expected deterioration. Cold capacity keeps up with Beer newness.

    capacity tips

  • Drink Promptly: Expect to polish off the items within a couple of days to seven days to partake in the Beer at its ideal. Growlers are not intended for long-haul stockpiling.
  • Dry Between Uses: Store your unfilled growler with the cap off to permit it to dry completely, forestalling mold or buildup development.

Avoid Direct Sunlight:

avoid direct sunlight

Get your growler far from direct daylight, as UV beams can adversely affect Beer quality.

Mark Your Growler:

Utilize a waterproof mark or a marker to take note of the Beer’s name, style, and fill date on the growler.

mark your growler

This assists you with monitoring what’s inside and how new it is.

Customary Maintenance:

Intermittently examine your growler for any indications of wear, harm, or waiting smells.

customary maintenance

Supplant or resolve any issues speedily.

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How many beers are in a growler?

The number of beers in a growler depends on its size. A typical 32-ounce growler holds roughly two 16-ounce beers, while a 64-ounce growler can hold about four 16-ounce beers. The exact number may vary slightly due to the size of the growler and the Beer's headspace.

How many beers is 64 oz?

A 64-ounce container is equivalent to approximately four 16-ounce beers. This size is a standard option for growlers and is often called a '64-ounce growler.'

How many beers are in a growler that can make you dizzy?

The number of beers that make someone dizzy varies depending on factors like alcohol content, tolerance, and individual physiology. Typically, consuming one 16-ounce beer or a quarter of a standard 64-ounce growler may lead to mild effects in some individuals. However, alcohol affects people differently, and responsible consumption is essential.

Are 64 oz of Beer considered a safe amount?

Consuming 64 ounces of Beer in one sitting is significant alcohol and can impair judgment and coordination. Whether it's safe depends on an individual's tolerance and the context. For many people, this amount exceeds the recommended moderate drinking guidelines. It's essential to drink responsibly, know your limits, and never drink and drive.


In conclusion, “How many ounces are in a growler?” is relatively easy to answer. Choosing the right growler size is essential for an enjoyable craft beer experience. Consider factors like personal consumption, sharing, beverage variety, and storage capabilities to make an informed choice. Smaller growlers are great for solo enjoyment and variety, while larger ones are better for group gatherings. Regardless of your preference, maintain your growler properly for freshness. Let’s raise a glass to responsible and informed growler choices, enhancing our enjoyment of craft beer while savoring every sip responsibly. Cheers!

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