Have you ever consumed a Guinness and thought about its nutritional value? Let us learn about Guinness alcohol and its alcohol percentage in detail! This article will cover Guinness alcohol percentage, caloric content, and ABV. We’ll reveal how these factors impact its taste and strength, highlighting Guinness’s unique profile.

The alcohol content in Guinness is usually between 4.2% and 7.5% ABV, thus making it rich in flavors.

Understanding the Guinness Alcohol Percent, Calories & ABV is vital for people to make exemplary health choices.

Guinness Alcohol Percent 

A 16-ounce Guinness has an Alcohol by Volume (ABV) of about 4.2% to 4.3%. ABV explains how much Alcohol is in the drink compared to its total volume. Guinness also offers 2% alcohol beer for people who can’t handle a higher alcohol percentage.

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Guinness Nutritional Details

It has around 210 to 250 calories per 16 ounces, depending on the type of Guinness you drink. It also provides the drinker with nutrients like fiber, protein, and antioxidants.

Varieties of Guinness Beers

Guinness has a range of beer types with a different alcohol percentage. Each Beer type has its unique flavor and quality. I was wondering what percent alcohol is in beer. So, now, let’s explore the alcohol content in various Guinness beers.

Guinness Draught

Guinness Draught is a famous alcohol choice. When poured, its nitrogen infusion creates the iconic cascading effect. This effect gives it a smooth, velvety feel in your mouth.guiness draught


The Alcohol by volume (ABV) in Guinness Draught is generally around 4.2% to 4.3%, maintaining moderate strength. High noon alcohol percentage is also quite similar to Guinness Draught. It is about 4.5 %. This ABV makes it a user-friendly Beer.

Calorie Content

Guinness Draught, shockingly, contains fewer calories than numerous other Beer types. A 16-ounce serving typically has about 210 to 250 calories, which might seem unexpectedly low given its rich taste. This lower carb level can make it an appealing choice for those watching their dietary intake.

Besides the classic Draught, Guinness also offers various versions of alcohol percentage globally. Beers like Guinness Foreign Extra Strong, Guinness Extra Stout, and Guinness Special have distinct flavor profiles. They go from really strong and bold to a bit sweeter or lighter.

These beers often showcase different alcohol levels and calorie contents, offering customers a wider variety within the Guinness brand.

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Guinness Over the Moon Milk Stout

Guinness Moon Milk Stout has a unique twist. It involves blending milk sugars for a fresh drinking experience.

guinesss over the moon milk stout


Guinness Over the Moon milk stout Alcohol by volume (ABV) typically runs between 5.3% and 5.5%. This slightly higher ABV than the classic Guinness Draught matches this stout’s more prosperous, complex flavor profile.The increased alcohol content brings a bolder taste while maintaining a smooth drinking experience.

Calorie Content

The Calorie content of Guinness Moon Milk Stout is 170 to 210 calories for every 16 ounces.Despite the extra richness from the milk sugars and slightly higher alcohol content, it remains relatively low in carbs compared to other stouts or beers of similar strength.

Guinness Blonde

Guinness Blonde is made with American bounces and a mix of malted grain.

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Guinness Blonde has an Alcohol by volume (ABV) of around 4.2% to 5%.

Calorie Content

Guinness Blonde generally contains 130 to 150 calories for every 12-ounce serving.

Guinness Extra Stout

It is one of the best in the Guinness family.

guinesss extra stout


So, how much Alcohol is in Guinness? The Alcohol by volume (ABV) of Guinness Extra Stout has an ABV of 5% to 6%.

Calorie Content

Concerning content, Guinness Extra Strong typically contains around 176 to 210 calories for each 12-ounce serving.

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

Guinness Foreign Extra Strong has a striking and powerful variety inside the Guinness family.

guiness foreign extra scout


The Alcohol by volume (ABV) of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout commonly goes from 6.8% to 7.5%.This ABV is one of the highest percent alcohol beers. With a higher ABV than other Guinness types, it offers a more pungent taste, perfect for those wanting a bold stout.

Calorie Content

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout typically contains 180 to 220 calories per 12-ounce serving.

Guinness 200th Anniversary Export Stout

The Guinness 200th Anniversary Export Stout honors its rich legacy with a limited edition blend and a unique flavor profile.guinness anniversary export stout


The Alcohol by Volume (ABV) of Guinness 200th Anniversary Export Stout typically ranges from 6% to 6.5%.

Calorie Content

In terms of calories, the Guinness 200th Anniversary Export Stout usually contains around 160 to 190 calories per 12-ounce serving.This calorie range aligns with many other Guinness variations, offering a pleasant drinking experience without excessive heaviness.

Guinness Antwerpen

Guinness Antwerpen represents a unique and limited-edition stout that pays homage to the brand’s beering heritage and also has historical significance in Antwerp, Belgium.guinness antwerpen scout


The Alcohol by volume (ABV) of Guinness Antwerpen commonly goes from 8% to 8.8%. So, the raised ABV recognizes it from numerous other Guinness varieties, situating it as a more grounded and powerful Stout.

Calorie Content

Concerning content, Guinness Antwerpen, by and large, contains around 220 to 260 calories for every 12-ounce serving.

The higher Alcohol percentage adds to a marginally expanded carbohydrate level, thus offering a more extravagant and more extraordinary drinking experience. If none of these Beers suit your choices, go ahead with the 0% alcohol beer offered by Guinness.

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Guinness vs. Other Stout Beers: A Comparative Analysis

Guinness is unique among Stout beers, standing out for several reasons compared to other stouts.guinness beers

Flavor Profile: It has a blend of malt with coffee and chocolate flavors, thus making it smooth with very light bitterness.

ABV and Calorie Content: Guinness usually has a moderate Alcohol by Volume (ABV), around 4% to 6%, thus making it suitable for longer tasting sessions without a strong alcohol percentage.It also has fewer calories than similar stouts, ranging from 170 to 260 per 12-ounce serving.

Nitrogenation: Guinness stands out due to its unique nitrogenation process, forming smaller bubbles that give it a creamy head and smooth texture.

Health Impact Of Consuming Guinness Beer

Here are some Health impacts you should consider.nutritional content

Nutritional Content: Guinness has good nutritional content, considering it has fibre, protein, and antioxidants.

Cardiovascular Benefits: Antioxidants in Guinness Beer can reduce your chances of blood clots and arterial blockages.

Bone Health: Guinness also has a bit of Silicon, which can enhance your bone density.

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What percent is Guinness?

Guinness percentage is 4.2 to 4.3% ABV.

Why does Guinness have so many calories?

Guinness has more calories due to its higher alcohol content and the use of roasted barley.

How many calories in a 500ml Guinness beer?

A 500ml Guinness beer has 210-220 calories.

Does Guinness have fewer calories than light beer?

Guinness has fewer calories than some light beers due to its unique brewing process.


In conclusion, Guinness’s alcohol percentage is around 4.2 to 4.3% ABV.

It has several varieties to choose from. Guinness also offers you health benefits if consumed in a controlled manner. Also, go through the nutritional values of each Guinness variety and their respective alcohol percentage before purchasing it to avoid any allergies or health reactions.

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