Are you a beer lover who has to cut out gluten? Don’t worry; you mustn’t don’t give up your favorite drink! A revolution in brewing has led to many delicious gluten-free beer options. Brewers have mastered using ingredients like sorghum, millet, buckwheat, and rice to craft beers without compromising flavor.

The top 12 best gluten free beer are:

  1. Glutenberg Craft Brewery: Blanche
  2. Ghostfish Brewing Company: Grapefruit IPA
  3. Ground Breaker Brewing: Dark Ale 
  4. Omission Gluten Free Beer: Ultimate Light Golden Ale
  5. Duck Foot Brewing Company: Drink This or the Bees Die
  6. Holidaily Brewing Company: BuckWit Belgian
  7. Burning Brothers: Roasted Coffee Ale
  8. Stone Brewing: Delicious IPA
  9. New Belgium Brewing Company: Glütiny Pale Ale
  10. Two Brothers Artisan Brewing: Prairie Path Golden Ale
  11. Green’s: Grand India Pale Ale
  12. Peroni: Gluten-Free Lager

This article highlights 12 top gluten free beer brands that are widely available and will satisfy any beer drinker. From crowd-pleasing blondes to hop-forward IPAs, you’ll find various styles to suit different tastes. Say goodbye to bland gluten-free “beer” – these options will have you feeling like you’re drinking regular craft brews again.

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Top 12 Best Gluten Free Beer 

Let us look at the top 12 best gluten free beer.

Glutenberg Craft Brewery: Blanche

Glutenberg Craft Brewery makes a Belgian-style witbier called Blanche. It’s made without wheat or barley, so it’s safe for people with gluten sensitivities. Blanche has notes of orange peel and coriander, which makes it taste like a traditional witbier. Glutenberg is based in Montreal, Canada, and all of its beers are certified gluten free. They brew their gluten free beer in a dedicated gluten free facility, so there is no risk of cross-contamination. Blanche is a refreshing gluten free beer that tastes great on a hot day. 

It’s light and crisp but still flavorsome from the orange and coriander. Glutenberg Craft Brewery ensures its gluten free beer taste as good as regular beers.glutenberg craft brewery

  • ABV: Varies (typically around 4-5%)
  • Origin: Glutenberg Craft Brewery is based in Montreal, Canada.

Ghostfish Brewing Company: Grapefruit IPA 

This gluten-free IPA has a refreshing grapefruit taste. It is made by Ghostfish Brewing Company in Washington state, a brand that specializes in making dedicated gluten free beer that are safe for people with celiac disease. The grapefruit flavor comes from adding grapefruit peels to the brew. It is light and crisp, with a hint of bitterness that balances the sweet grapefruit taste.ghostfish

  • ABV: Around 6.5%
  • Origin: Ghostfish Brewing, located in Seattle, Washington, specializes in gluten-free beers.

Ground Breaker Brewing: Dark Ale 

Ground Breaker Brewing creates a dedicated gluten free beer named Dark Ale. It has notes of roasted malts, which give it a deep brown color. The brewery is based in Oregon and breeds all its beers in a gluten free facility. Their Dark Ale has an entire body with a slightly sweet flavor from malts. It is not too bitter but has roasted flavors like coffee or chocolate in the aftertaste. This makes it the best gluten free beer option for people who prefer darker beer styles.dark ale 

  • ABV: Approximately 5.5%
  • Origin: Ground Breaker Brewing, based in Portland, Oregon, focuses exclusively on gluten free beer.

Omission Beer: Ultimate Light Golden Ale

Omission Beer is a gluten free beer made with traditional beer ingredients such as barley, hops, and yeast but without gluten. It is one of the best on this gluten-free list, allowing those sensitive to gluten to enjoy a beer. 

The Ultimate Light Golden Ale has a crisp taste similar to popular American light lagers but without gluten. Its low alcohol content of only 4.2% makes it lighter than regular beers. The pale gold color and dry, crisp finish make it very easy to drink. It is the best gluten free beer option for those who want a light beer with a light taste and alcohol without compromising flavor and refreshment.omission beer

  • ABV: About 4.2%
  • Origin: Omission Beer, from Portland, Oregon, produces gluten free beers.

Duck Foot Brewing Company: Drink This or the Bees Die

Duck Foot Brewing Company creates unique gluten-free beers for those seeking alternatives. Their Drink This or the Bees Die beer is an IPA brewed using sorghum as the gluten-free grain. It has a bold, hoppy aroma with floral, citrus, and tropical fruit flavors typical of an IPA. The sorghum lends a slightly sweet and nutty malt backbone to balance the hops.

At 6.8% alcohol volume, it is not a light beer but has the bold, full flavors hop heads seek in an IPA without compromising on taste because it is gluten-free. The name and funky artwork add fun to this gluten-free craft beer.
duck foot brewing

  • ABV: Varies (around 6.8%)
  • Origin: Duck Foot Brewing, located in San Diego, California, crafts creative beers.

Holidaily Brewing Company: BuckWit Belgian

Holldaily Brewing Company is based in Colorado. They brew beers using native gluten-free grains like millet and buckwheat. Their BuckWit Belgian beer uses buckwheat as the main grain.

Buckwheat gives the beer a nutty flavor that complements the citrus notes well. At the same time, it balances the sweetness in a way similar to traditional Belgian witbiers, which use wheat. The BuckWit Belgian beer has been trendy. Its refreshing taste and crisp texture satisfy cravings for Blue Moon or other witbiers, providing a great gluten-free alternative.
holidaily brewing co

  • ABV: Typically 5.5-6%
  • Origin: Holidaily Brewing, based in Golden, Colorado, specializes in gluten free beer. 

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Burning Brothers Brewing: Roasted Coffee Strong Ale 

Burning Brothers Brewing is founded by friends Dane Breimhorst and Thom Foss. When Dane was diagnosed with celiac disease, they decided to brew only gluten free beer. Their Roasted Coffee Strong Ale has notes of caramel, which blend very well with cold brew coffee added to the beer. 

The coffee adds an extra layer of flavor without being overpowering. The ale has a malty backbone and a slightly sweet finish. Due to the use of roasted malts, it has hints of chocolate and roasted grains in the aroma and taste. The beer has a balanced flavor and provides a decadent drinking experience.burning brothers

  • ABV: Approximately 5.6%
  • Origin: Burning Brothers Brewing, in St. Paul, Minnesota, creates gluten free beer.

Stone Brewing: Delicious IPA 

Stone Brewing is renowned for its flavourful and innovative IPAs. With Delicious IPA, they’ve crafted a gluten free beer version that stays true to their legacy. Using Lemondrop and El Dorado hops, it presents a vibrant bouquet of citrus that’s refreshing and complex. The aromas have been described as resembling lemon drops or watermelon candy. 

Despite being gluten-free, Stone has ensured Delicious IPA delivers big on flavor, with well-balanced bitterness and subtle notes of tropical fruit. It’s shown that removing gluten doesn’t have to mean removing taste, making it a standout in the category. Similarly, in the process of making non-alcoholic beer, innovative techniques are employed to retain the taste and essence of traditional beer while eliminating alcohol content.

delicious ipa

  • ABV: Around 7.7%
  • Origin: Stone Brewing, headquartered in Escondido, California, is known for bold IPAs.

New Belgium Brewing Company: Glütiny Pale Ale 

For over 30 years, New Belgium has brewed top-quality beer, a staple for many. With Glütiny Pale Ale, they offer a gluten-reduced option that maintains their high flavor standards. 

A lightly sweet amber hue, it features aromas of papaya and guava courtesy of Equinox hops. There’s a subtle toastiness throughout as well. At only 5 grams of carbs per 12 fluid ounces, it’s also a belly-friendly choice.

Whether you need a gluten free beer for dietary reasons or want to expand your horizons, Glütiny is a reliably tasty pale ale you can enjoy. It upholds the brewery’s longstanding commitment to craft while accommodating different belgium glutiny

  • ABV: Typically 6%
  • Origin: New Belgium Brewing, based in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Two Brothers Artisan Brewing: Prairie Path Golden Ale

Two Brothers Artisan Brewing Brews Prairie Path, a golden ale with a subtle lemon flavor. Drinking is refreshing and goes well with light foods like salads. Two Brothers has been brewing this gluten-reduced golden ale for many years. It is lightly flavored so that you can enjoy more than one. The low bitterness also means it is suitable to drink in warmer weather or with meals.

Speaking of gluten free beer options, Michelob Ultra is indeed gluten-free, providing an appropriate choice for individuals with gluten sensitivities.two brothers golden ale

  • ABV: Approximately 5.1%
  • Origin: Two Brothers Artisan Brewing, located in Warrenville, Illinois.

Green’s: Grand India Pale Ale

Green’s Grand India Pale Ale is a gluten-free IPA with bold flavors. Like traditional IPAs, it has aromas and flavors of tropical fruits without gluten. Green’s brews it using sorghum instead of barley to remove gluten. The sorghum gives it a rich, malty backbone that balances the hoppy bitterness. Grapefruit, pineapple, and citrus flavors come through on the palate. It has an alcohol content high enough to satisfy beer drinkers but won’t overwhelm you with gluten. The Grand IPA is full of flavor without the gluten.
grand india pale ale

  • ABV: Varies (around 6%)
  • Origin: Green’s, a Belgian brewery, specializes in gluten-free and vegan beers. 

Peroni: Gluten-Free Lager

Peroni is an Italian brewery that is popular for its regular lagers. They also offer a gluten-free version. The Peroni Gluten-Free Lager is brewed without barley and wheat, which contain gluten. Instead, it uses sorghum and rice. This allows those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity to enjoy a cold beer.

Many have praised the taste of Peroni Gluten-Free Lager. It has a light-bodied flavor with hints of grains like rice and sorghum. The taste is smooth and crisp without any bitterness. The gluten-free lager finishes dry. It comes close to replicating a regular pilsner-style beer. Best of all, it is certified gluten-free and safe for those avoiding gluten to enjoy in moderation. The Peroni Gluten-Free Lager offers a reliable gluten-free beer option.peroni beer

  • ABV: About 4.7%
  • Origin: Peroni, an Italian brewery, offers a gluten-free version of their classic lager.

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What beer has the least amount of gluten?

Gluten-free beers like Omission Beer’s Ultimate Light Golden Ale typically contain the least gluten. These beers are specially brewed using alternative grains like sorghum, millet, and rice, reducing gluten content significantly.

Is any beer naturally gluten-free?

No, traditional beers made from wheat, barley, or rye are not naturally gluten-free, as these grains contain gluten. Gluten-free beers use alternative grains like sorghum, buckwheat, or millet, which do not contain gluten.

How much gluten is in 1 beer?

Most regular beers contain gluten from the grains. The amount can vary but is typically too high for a gluten-free diet. Only certified gluten-free beers guarantee less than 20 parts per million of gluten.

Can you drink beer on a gluten-free diet?

If the beer is certified gluten-free or gluten-removed, it may be okay to drink in moderation on a gluten-free diet. However, not all beers are gluten-free, so it’s best to check labels carefully or speak with a doctor or dietitian. Gluten sensitivities can vary between individuals.

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