Beer and movies go together like peanut butter and jelly. Nothing pairs better with a fun flick than a cold one. Whether it’s an action-packed road trip, a hilarious comedy, or a heartwarming small-town story, beer makes every movie much more enjoyable.

This article covers comedies like Beerfest and Strange Brew, classics like Smokey and the Bandit starring Burt Reynolds, the indie romantic comedy Drinking Buddies, and feel-good charmer Take This Job and Shove It- all perfect films for enjoying with a cold one.

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5 Best Beer Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

Let us look at the top 5 best beer movies to watch:


Beerfest is all about beer-drinking games and competitions. The plot follows two American brothers who travel to Germany for Oktoberfest. They discover a super severe and centuries-old beer-drinking competition is happening. Called Beerfest, it involves drinking games that would put any frat boy to shame. 


After getting crushed in the games, the brothers vow to return home and assemble an American team to go back and win the whole thing. Starring the hilarious Broken Lizard comedy group, this movie will have you wanting to play beer pong all night. You can find Beerfest streaming now on Amazon.

Smokey and the Bandit

In this classic from 1977, Burt Reynolds plays The Bandit, a bootlegger hired to transport a massive truckload of Coors beer from Texas to Atlanta. With the “Smokey” police trying to stop the illegal shipment, Bandit races against time with funny hijinks. Helping him out is his friend Cledus and a feisty woman named Snowman. This is one of the best beer movies.

smokey and the bandit

Both Burt Reynolds and Sally Field star in this fun road trip movie that became a 2 hour Coors commercial. You’ll laugh as Bandit jumps from one crazy situation to another, evading the cops. Catch it now on Netflix.

Strange Brew

Strange Brew follows the hilarious adventures of two unemployed brothers named Bob and Doug McKenzie, who love nothing more than beer. They land jobs at the local brewery run by an evil man trying to take over the world.

strange brew

Of course, the brothers are more interested in drinking all the beer! Starring comedy greats Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis, this 1983 cult classic is full of silly jokes and puns involving everyone’s favorite beverage. Catch it on Amazon now for an evening of laughs.

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Drinking Buddies

In Drinking Buddies, Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson play coworkers at a Chicago craft brewery. As they spend their days brewing beer together, a playful flirtation develops between them. But they’re both in relationships already! Also, explore best beer bars in Chicago. 

drinking buddies

Their chemistry is undeniable over beers, after work, and weekends. This comedy/drama realistically captures the complexities of modern dating. Fans of independent movies will enjoy this one, which was almost entirely improvised. Stream it on Hulu today. If you are interested in watching the best beer movies, then you should give this one a try.

Take This Job and Shove It

In this 1981 comedy, Robert Hays plays Frank, an ambitious executive who gets transferred to a failing brewery back home in Iowa. He’s not too happy about the move and is determined to bring it back to the big city as soon as possible. But when he reconnects with his old friends and sees how much they love their jobs at the brewery, Frank changes his tune. 

take this job and shove it

The movie also features Art Carney, who plays a hilarious brewery worker. With its small-town charm and beer-drinking antics, this feel-good film will surely leave you thirsty. Catch up with Frank’s story now on Amazon. Check out these 15 best beer cities in the US for a nice.

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What is beer on television?

Beer has a long history of product placement in movies and television. Many films like Smokey and the Bandit were essentially commercials. Beer also shows up frequently in shows set in bars and breweries or depicting parties/socializing. While product placement, beer helps set scenes and adds realism.

What is beer used for?

Beyond just drinking, beer has many uses in films and real life. It’s often used in cooking, especially baked goods and braised meats. Beer can also act as a natural cleaner or conditioner. But most importantly, beer connects people socially and enhances the movie-watching experience!

What do they use for beer in movies?

Most of the time, movie studios use non-alcoholic beers that look similar to the real thing. Common substitutes include O’Doul’s or Buckler.


Whether you’re looking for laugh-out-loud comedies, heartwarming stories, or rowdy road trip adventures – this list of best beer movies has you covered. Each film will leave you wanting to crack open a cold one. We hope you have some new boozy titles to add to your watch list. So grab some beers, cozy up, and prepare for entertainment enhanced by everyone’s favorite beverage. Also, try beers that are light for the stomach.

Incorporating the best beer for chili can add depth and complexity to your dish, enhancing its overall aroma and taste.

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