Are you interested in finding out which beers go best with fish and chips? This article reveals the top 10 picks of best beer for fish and chips for the best-tasting matches to this British classic. From lagers to ales, we’ll share which styles and specific brews are ideal companions to your favorite takeaway. 

Our top picks for beer with fish and chips include Pabst Blue Ribbon, a classic American lager known for its balance of malt and hops that pairs perfectly with fried seafood and potatoes. Guinness, Newcastle Brown Ale, and Harpoon IPA also make the list thanks to flavors like roasted notes, nutty caramel, and citrus hops that harmonize well with batter and salt. Lagers from Asahi, Coors, Old Milwaukee, and Brooklyn Brewery round it out with crisp, refreshing finishes that cleanse the palate between each tasty bite.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the best beer kinds that go well with the traditional dinner. We’ll also examine why certain lighter beers harmonize with fish and chips, allowing food and drink to shine. By the end of this article on beer for fish and chips, you’ll be an expert on pairing beer with everyone’s favorite takeaway treat.

Introduction to Fish and Chips with Beer

One of the most treasured food traditions in Britain is fish and chips. The combination of crispy fried fish paired with thick-cut chips has been delighting both locals and visitors to the UK for generations. This simple but satisfying meal is a popular Friday night takeaway staple on seaside town menus. While always tasty, fish and chips hit their flavourful peak when accompanied by a cold, crisp

The flavors of the flaky white fish and salty chips sing when you take a refreshing sip of beer between bites. The beer cleanses the palate and accentuates the dish’s taste. From pale lagers to pale ales, certain beer styles have developed the perfect partnership with fish and chips over decades of enjoyment. 

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The Ideal Beer Styles for Fish and Chips

When enjoying one of Britain’s most iconic dishes – fish and chips – the perfect beer pairing is critical. The flaky white fish and crispy golden batter call for a lighter beer that won’t overpower the dish. This beer pairs up nicely with a batter recipe for fish and chips. Heavier beers could easily dominate and distract from the flavors of the fish and chips.

Most people agree that lager is one of the best beers to pair with fish & chips. Lagers let the flavors of the fish and chips come through since they are crisp and light-bodied. Crisp-finishing pale lagers go well with the deep-fried treats. Pale ale is another excellent option. Pale ales provide a pleasant balance between being flavorful and not very heavy. Without overpowering the meal, the citrus and flowery undertones bring it to life.american pale ale  Within the lager style, European pilsner beers make an excellent match. With its dry, hoppy character, pilsner refreshes the palate between bites. The subtle malt backbone provides just enough depth without being filled. Another top pick is Kölsch, a lighter ale brewed using lager yeast. Its clean, crisp profile is a seamless pairing, allowing both food and drink to be enjoyed.

So, when enjoying the classic British duo of fish and chips, reach for a lighter beer variety like a pale lager, pale ale, or pilsner. Their clean, refreshing flavors let the star ingredients center stage in this simple but perfect culinary coupling. A cold beer is the ideal companion to complement this takeaway treat ideally. Let us look at the best beer for fish and chips

Incorporating the best beer for chili can add depth and complexity to your dish, enhancing its overall aroma and taste. Explore our selection of the 15 best Ale beers and 15 best Asian beers from breweries worldwide and discover new favorites and old classics.

Top Beer Recommendations

Some standout brews perfectly harmonize with this classic combo when pairing beer with fish and chips. From lagers to ales, these top 10 recommendations have proven a winning match time and time again. Let us look at them:

Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) 

Leading the list of top beer picks for fish and chips is a classic – Pabst Blue Ribbon. This American lager has been a generation’s favorite pairing for fried seafood and potato treats. With its light-bodied build featuring a balance of malt and hop flavors, PBR allows the tastes of the fish and chips to shine. Its subtle biscuity maltiness adds just enough depth to complement the flaky white fish, while grassy hop notes cut through the richness of the crispy batter. This best beer fish batter makes it all good. At the same time, PBR refreshes the palate between each bite with its dry, crisp finish. 

pabst blue ribbon

Affordable and widely available, PBR makes an effortless companion that enhances rather than distracts from this beloved meal. No wonder it’s been a go-to fish and chips beer for so long.


Though a stout may seem an unlikely choice for pairing with fish and chips, Guinness has proven itself a superb match. While heavier than typical lager or ale options, Guinness’s roasted flavors serve to tame the chips’ saltiness harmoniously. 

Notes of dark chocolate and coffee perfectly complement battered cod’s mild flavors. Its creamy mouthfeel also helps to cut through any greasiness from the fried foods. Guinness drinkers will appreciate its ability to stand up to the hearty dish while allowing the key ingredients to shine. This beer pairs up with a good fish and chips recipe.bottled guinness beer

With its dark color and tan head, Guinness also provides a nice visual contrast to the golden-hued fish and chips. The next time you crave this classic British combo, consider pouring a pint of Ireland’s most famous stout. 

Newcastle Brown Ale 

Another longtime favorite companion to fish and chips is Newcastle Brown Ale. Brewed in northern England, near seaside fish and chip shops, Newcastle has developed a following for its nutty caramel flavors that pair wonderfully with battered cod. Its deep amber hue and creamy mouthfeel lend themselves to balancing the fried foods. 

Almond, biscuit malt, and toasted butterscotch aromas amplify the fish’s tastes without overwhelming them. Newcastle Brown Ale is an excellent choice because of its mild bitterness, which lets the meal’s and beer’s delicate tastes blend. newcastle brown ale

Light enough not to fill you up yet complex enough to hold up to hearty fish and chips, this brown ale has earned legendary status as a top-tier beer match for this beloved takeaway treat.

Asahi Super Dry 

Delicious fish and chips go well with Asahi Super Dry, a refreshing lager. This crisp, clear, dry beer with a light body is perfect for cutting through heavier meal components. It is brewed in Japan. 

While not overpowering the delicate flavor of battered white fish, Asahi’s mild grain and honey characteristics complement it. It also wonderfully balances the salty potatoes with its modest bitterness and minerality. The palate is rejuvenated and primed for another bite by Asahi Super Dry’s crisp finish. Food and drink may coexist peacefully because of their sharp profiles. asahi super dry

Light enough for a full-pint enjoyment yet flavorful enough to stand up to hearty fish and chips, Asahi Super Dry has become a staple beer match for this classic British combo. Imported internationally, it brings a taste of Japan to every fish supper enjoyment. This beer is one of the fish and chips recipes best.

Harpoon IPA 

While an IPA may seem like an unexpected choice, Harpoon IPA has proven itself a superb pairing for fish and chips thanks to its balanced hop character. Floral and citrus notes from aromatic hops dance on the tongue, accentuating the mild flavors of battered cod without dominating them. 

Its moderate bitterness cuts through any richness from fried batter or oils. Harpoon IPA’s medium body and alcohol allow plenty of room to enjoy the hearty meal. Hops serve to cleanse and refresh the palate between each crispy bite.harpoon ipa

The result is a flavorful yet balanced match that makes food and beer shine. Harpoon IPA is available nationwide and brings an American craft twist to the classic combo. Its hoppy personality is bold enough for beer lovers but approachable for casual drinkers enjoying a suppertime fish fry.

Widmer Brothers Drop Top Amber Ale 

For a complex yet easy-drinking ale match, try Widmer Brothers’ Drop Top Amber. Its medium-bodied build features a well-rounded malt profile with notes of caramel, biscuit, and toasted bread. 

These flavors beautifully enhance the mild taste of battered fish. Meanwhile, Drop Top Amber’s dry finish and low bitterness cut through any greasiness from fried chips or coating. Brewed in the Pacific Northwest, it brings an American craft twist to the pairing. Widmer Brothers Drop Top Amber Ale 

Light enough to enjoy in a whole pint yet flavorful enough to stand up to hearty fish and chips, Drop Top Amber allows food and beer to shine in a balanced harmony. With its amber hue and subtle complexity, Drop Top is a top-tier beer match to make this classic British combo more enjoyable.

Coors Banquet 

A longtime favorite beer for fish and chips is Coors Banquet. It pairs simply yet perfectly with this classic duo as an all-American lager. With a light-bodied build featuring a balance of bready malt and floral hops, Coors allows the pure flavors of battered fish and chips to shine through. So this is one of the best fish for battered fish.

Its clean, refreshing taste cuts through any richness from fried foods without overpowering the subtle seafood and potatoes. Best of all, Coors Banquet enhances the meal without distracting from either. coors banquet

Available nationwide at an affordable price point, Coors Banquet has long been enjoyed as an easy-drinking companion to the beloved takeaway treat. Generations of drinkers appreciate its consistent, balanced flavor profile that makes it the quintessential beer to enjoy alongside fish and chips.

Old Milwaukee 

Another beer that has earned legendary status amongst fish and chips fans is Old Milwaukee. As an old-school American lager, “Old Mil” pairs simply but perfectly with this pub grub favorite. Light-bodied and crisp, it allows the flavors of battered fish and potatoes to sing. 

Old Milwaukee’s subtle grain and floral hop character serves to cut through any oils or fattiness from fried foods. It is affordable and widely accessible, making it the perfect beer to order after picking fish and chips.old milwaukee

Old Milwaukee has been the go-to lager for enhancing rather than overwhelming this hearty pub meal for generations. Its consistent, balanced flavor profile still makes it an ideal companion for this beloved British-American tradition.

Samuel Smith’s Pure Brewed Organic Lager 

Samuel Smith’s Pure Brewed Organic Lager pairs beautifully with fish and chips for a more premium British lager choice. Brewed in the United Kingdom using organic ingredients, it brings local provenance to this iconic dish. 

Light-bodied and smooth, its bready malt backbone and subtle floral hops accentuate rather than distract from the flavors of battered cod and potatoes. Samuel Smith’s low bitterness and clean finish refresh the palate between each crispy bite. Unlike heavier beers, it allows both food and beverage to shine.samuel smiths pure brewed beer

Plus, its organic certification suits fish and chips’ simple, wholesome nature. Smooth, balanced, and yet still flavorful, Samuel Smith’s lager is the perfect artisanal beer to enjoy alongside this much-loved meal.

Brooklyn Brewery’s Brooklyn Lager

Nothing goes better on a Friday night than classic fish and chips. But let me tell you, this British pub staple is taken to new heights when you pair it with the crisp, flavorful Brooklyn Lager.

Made in New York, the Brooklyn Brewery has been brewing its signature lager since 1988. It’s got a lovely golden hue and packs subtle notes of biscuit and graham cracker into every sip. It goes well with fried fish, though, as it’s light and refreshing. brooklyn brewerys beer

The subtle effervescence of the lager cuts through the rich grease of the fish for an ideal balance of flavors in each bite. And the beer brings out the best in the chips, too – their outside crunch paired with the inside fluffiness.

Whether you like your fish fried hard or soft, this beer is a home run with it all. So skip the usual domestic beer next Friday and upgrade your fish and chips with a Brooklyn Lager. Your taste buds will thank you!

Special Mentions

Some notable mentions in beer for fish and chips are worth to be noted: 

Harpoon IPA with Fish and Chips

Crispy fish and chips beg for a hoppy beer to cut through all that fried goodness. Harpoon IPA from Boston fits the bill perfectly with its balanced citrusy and tropical hop flavors. The IPA’s bitterness lifts the fish’s grease while accentuating the chips’ outer crunch.Harpoon ipa with fish and chips

Hops in beer play a crucial role in enhancing the overall drinking experience. Just like the harmonious combination of hops and malt in Harpoon IPA brings new depth to classic malt vinegar-dressed chips, each sip of this refreshing brew leaves your palate invigorated and ready for another bite. 

So, whether you’re enjoying a seaside meal with cod, haddock, or any other fish, Harpoon IPA is the surefire way to elevate your culinary experience to the next level.

Golden Monkey with Fish and Chips

For a more robust Belgian-American twist on fish and chips, reach for Victory Brewing’s Golden Monkey. This 9.5% Tripel adds layers of complexity without overwhelming delicate fish. Creamy banana and pear notes from the yeast rise above any greasiness. golden monkey

Spicy clove and bread flavors satisfy like chips, preventing things from getting too rich. Sip Golden Monkey slowly as you enjoy it to keep you and your meal balanced and satisfying. It’s a real tastebud-pleaser for those wanting something unique with their chips.

Oarsman Ale with Fish and Chips

Coupling Bell’s Oarsman Ale with fish and chips is a match made in beer lovers’ heaven. The ale’s caramel-forward maltiness is the perfect counterpoint to fried fish and potato chips. Its biscuity flavors enhance the chips while moderate bitterness and carbonation cut through greasiness.oarsman ale

Oarsman drinks incredibly smoothly for a session at only 5.8% ABV. Together with fish and chips, it creates an indulgent and incredibly well-rounded meal you’ll keep coming back to, just like this always-dependable English-style ale. Also, try beers that are light for the stomach.

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Why These Beers Work

There are a few key reasons why these beers pair so nicely with everyone’s favorite pub grub, fish and chips. First, their balance of maltiness and bitterness provides the perfect counterpoint to the rich fattiness of fried fish and potato chips. The malts satisfy the starchy carbs from the chips while the hops cut through any oiliness.

Second, these beers showcase a variety of flavor profiles that lift both the fish and chips to new heights. From the tropical fruit of an IPA to the banana and spice of a Tripel, their complex flavors mingle in your mouth with each bite.

Third, their moderate alcohol levels mean you can enjoy a pint or two with your meal without feeling overly full or intoxicated. They allow you to savor every crispy bite in florida

Finally, traditions dating back centuries in Britain established the classic beer pairing with fish and chips. These beers honor that heritage while introducing new twists. From hoppy American ales to Belgian yeast characteristics, they taste far-flung brewing styles to enhance the iconic pub duo further.

Elevating your favorite seaside meal with the perfect beer pairing, whether you prefer it classic or with a twist, creates a harmonious experience for relaxed and enjoyable eating. However, as you savor the flavors, it’s wise to consider the sugar content in beer. Diverse beer options offer varying sweetness levels, adding another layer to your culinary exploration. 

So, as you delve into the world of beer and food pairings, take a moment to appreciate your chosen brews’ taste and nutritional aspects. Cheers to finding the ideal balance between flavor and awareness!

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What beer is good for a fish-and-chips batter?

Light and mild beers work best for fish and chips batter as their low bitterness and mild flavors don’t interfere with the fish. English bitters and milds are the most traditional, but even American wheat beers and pilsners can add subtle depth.

Is beer used in fish and chips?

Beer is commonly used in fish and chips batter to help it puff up light and crispy when fried. The carbonation in beer causes the batter to rise, while malt sugars aid browning and crisping. It’s what makes fish and chips batter so light and delicious.

What kind of beer is used for batter?

Traditional British beers like English pale ales or milds are most authentic in the batter because they balance malt and low bitterness. They allow the natural flavors of fish and seafood to shine through. American wheat beers and pilsners also work with their crisp, refreshing profiles.

Can I eat fish with beer?

Yes, many types of fish pair beautifully with beer! Lighter-bodied beers allow you to taste the fish while balancing its fattiness. Milder styles like wheat beers, pilsners, or English bitters are classic matches, but even hoppier IPAs can work. In general, choose beers that complement rather than overpower the fish flavors.


While savoring the perfect beer-food pairing for your fish and chips, it’s essential to remember that certain beers may not be suitable for breastfeeding mothers. Opt for non-alcoholic beer options or those with low alcohol content, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for you and your baby. Explore the diverse world of non-alcoholic craft beers or light brews to complement your breastfeeding journey, allowing you to indulge in delightful flavors without compromising your well-being. Cheers to responsible and enjoyable pairings, whether it’s the ideal beer for your fish and chips or a breastfeeding-friendly beverage to accompany your moments of relaxation. We hope this article on beer for fish and chips has helped you know everything about it. 

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