Do you need help enhancing the flavor of your beer cheese dip and need clarification about what beer to select? We have everything covered! Read on for our 11 best beer for beer cheese dip that elevates your dip into deliciousness. From malty brown ales to fruity wheat beers, there’s a beer for any cheese match made in heaven. Let’s dive in!

The top 11 beers for making beer cheese dip are Montauk Wave Chaser IPA, Heater Allen Pils, Firestone Walker Pivo Pilsner, Guinness 0.0, Guinness, Half Acre Original Reaper Stout, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Dogfish Head Raison d’Etre, Spaten Premium Lager, Brekle’s Brown Ale, Deschutes Black Butte Porter each bring unique flavors to pair with different cheeses.

Beer cheese dip is a tasty appetizer combining beer with melted cheese. Different types of beers and cheeses are used depending on the flavors desired. The beer adds moisture, and its taste blends with the cheese. People enjoy eating it with crackers, pretzels, or veggies. It’s easy to make at home and fun to enjoy beer and cheese together in a creamy, delicious spread. Let us read on to know more about the 11 best beer for beer cheese dip

Criteria For Choosing the Best Beer for Beer Cheese Dip

Here are some critical criteria to consider when choosing the best beer cheese dip:


  • Beer Style – Different styles work better than others. Malty beers like brown ales, porters, and stouts pair nicely. Hoppy IPAs can also be good, depending on the cheese used.
  • Alcohol Content – Most recipes call for beers between 4-7% ABV. Higher alcohol can overpower the cheese, while lighter beers risk getting lost. A moderate ABV provides balance.
  • Bitterness – Very bitter or hoppy beers may clash with cheese. Look for medium bitterness that won’t fight the flavors.
  • Flavor Profile – Consider the beer’s dominant flavors, such as roasted, fruity, or caramel. Choose one that will enhance rather than conflict with the cheese.
  • Cheese Choice – Pick a beer highlighting your favorite cheese: sharp cheddar, creamy blue, or tangy goat cheese. Their flavors should mesh well.
  • Color – Darker beers like porters look attractive with cheeses on a charcuterie board. But lighter beers can still taste great.
  • Availability – Use a beer you enjoy drinking to avoid wasting leftovers. Local craft beers support small brewers, too.

Paying attention to these factors will lead you to pairings bigger than the sum of their parts! Experiment to find your ideal beer-cheese combination.

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Let us now head on to read on about the best beer for beer cheese.

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11 Best Beers for Beer Cheese Dip

Here are 11 top beers to consider when making a delicious beer cheese dip. Each one brings unique flavors that will complement different cheeses in particular ways. Read on to discover which beers may become your new favorite for creating the perfect beer and cheese match:

Montauk Wave Chaser IPA

The Montauk Wave Chaser IPA is widely considered among the top choices for making a delicious beer cheese dip. As an American IPA, it has a nice balance of hoppy and bitter flavors that complement the cheese very well. This is one of the best beer for beer cheese dip.

The tropical and citrus notes in the Wave Chaser IPA from hints of fruit like grapefruit shine through in a beer cheese dip. When you mix it with cheeses like cheddar, Monterey Jack, or Gouda, those fruity hop flavors blend perfectly with the creaminess of the cheese.

montauk wave chaser ipaAt 6.4% alcohol content, the Wave Chaser IPA also has enough body to stand up to bold cheeses without being overly bitter or boozy tasting. Its semi-bitter flavor profile enhances the cheese without overpowering it.

Many beer cheese recipes recommend an IPA for its ability to blend flavors with the cheese without being too light or mild. The Wave Chaser hits the sweet spot between a light and dark beer, making it a top-recommended choice.

Whether serving the beer cheese as a dip or spread or even cooking it into a soup, the Montauk Wave Chaser IPA infuses the right hoppy taste to complement whatever cheese you choose. Its balanced profile is why it’s considered one of the best beers for homemade beer cheese recipes.

Heater Allen Pils

The Heater Allen Pilsner is a tasty option for beer cheese dip because of its well-balanced, malty flavor. As a Czech-style pilsner, it is inspired by the popular Pilsner Urquell beer.

This pilsner has a nice blend of bitter hops and rich, bready malt that add refreshing flavor to the cheese dip. When mixed with shredded cheddar cheese, the Heater Allen’s maltiness complements the cheese’s creaminess.

With its 5% alcohol content, it is not too strong but still provides good body and complexity. The malty profile enhances the cheese without being overpowering.

heater allen pilsSome other cheeses that pair nicely with this pilsner in a beer cheese dip are Butterkase, a German butter cheese, and milder cheeses like Havarti. The malt character of the Heater Allen works best with cheeses that are not too sharp or intense.

Its balanced flavor and complementary taste make the Heater Allen Pilsner an excellent choice for a tasty beer cheese recipe. The malty flavors blend smoothly with mild, creamy cheeses for a delicious appetizer dip.

Firestone Walker Brewing Pivo Pilsner

The Firestone Walker Brewing Pivo Pilsner is a nice pilsner beer to use in beer cheese dip. It has a blend of flower, lemongrass, and spice flavors that add taste to the cheese dip.

This pilsner beer is made like Czech beer, giving it a traditional taste. It is bright and hoppy. With an alcohol level of 5.3%, it makes the cheese dip creamy and gives it some zing.

firestone walker brewing pivo pilsnerThe Pivo Pilsner pairs well with brie cheese because of its hoppy flavor. The hops bring out the flavor in the soft brie. Cheddar cheese is also a good choice with this beer. Exploring what hops are in beer contributes to the Pivo Pilsner’s distinctive character, enhancing its flavor profile and making it an ideal companion for brie and cheddar cheeses.

Overall, the floral and lemony flavors of the Firestone Walker Pivo Pilsner make it a delicious pilsner option for a beer cheese recipe.

Guinness 0.0

Guinness 0.0 is an excellent non-alcoholic beer to use in beer cheese dip. Even though it does not have alcohol, it tastes similar to regular Guinness beer. It has less sugar and carbs than other beers. The taste is bitter, like coffee, with a hint of sweet milk. This flavor goes well with cheese in the dip.

guinness o oIrish cheddar cheese pairs nicely with Guinness 0.0. The mild flavor of the non-alcoholic beer brings out the taste of the cheddar. Try Irish goat or blue cheese with the Guinness 0.0 in your beer cheese recipe. Though the flavor will be lighter, it will still be tasty.

So, for people who want a non-alcoholic option, Guinness 0.0 is a choice that gives your dip some Guinness flavor without the alcohol. The cheddar cheese combines well with its coffee and sweet milk taste.

Guinness beer for beer cheese

It is a good beer choice for beer cheese dip, and even though it has alcohol, Guinness tastes good in the dip. Guinness has less sugar and carbs than other beers, offering a slightly bitter taste akin to coffee, with some sweetness. 

This flavor profile seamlessly mixes well with cheese. Guinness stands out for its lower sugar content when considering how much sugar is in beer, contributing to a balanced and savory beer cheese dip experience.

guinness beer for beer cheeseIrish cheddar cheese pairs nicely with Guinness. The Guinness brings out the taste in the cheddar. You can also try Irish goat or blue cheese with Guinness in your beer cheese. The flavor will be manageable but still yummy.

So, Guinness is an option that adds some Guinness flavor to your dip without being overpowering. The cheddar combines well with its coffee and sweet notes.

Half Acre Original Reaper Stout

The Half Acre Original Reaper Stout is a good choice for beer cheese dip. It has a simple flavor that works well when cooking.

This stout has a bitter chocolate taste with roasted flavors. It also has some alcohol flavor, but that will go away when you add the cheese. The stout mixes nicely with sharp white cheddar cheese. The cheese and stout flavors blend well.

half acre original reaper stoutBlue cheese also pairs well with the Half Acre Original Reaper Stout. The cheese adds flavor, while the stout provides chocolate and roasted notes. With its simple yet rich taste, this stout lets you be creative with seasonings and cheeses in your dip. It adds depth without overwhelming other ingredients.

So, the Half Acre Original Reaper Stout combines nicely with cheeses for a tasty beer cheese dip.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

The Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a good choice for beer cheese dip. It is a trendy craft beer that helped start the craft beer movement in the US.

This pale ale has a nice balance of hops and malt flavors. It has citrus and floral hops flavors mixed with caramel malt flavors. The hops give it a bit of bitterness. This beer makes the best beer for beer cheese dip.

sierra nevada pale aleWhen used in beer cheese dip, the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale hops bring out the flavor in cheeses. It pairs well with creamy blue cheese and sharp cheddar cheese. The hops and cheeses blend nicely. Mozzarella and soft goat cheeses also mix well with this pale ale’s flavors.

So, the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale combines its balanced hops and malt with different cheeses for a tasty beer cheese dip. Its popularity makes it an easy beer to find, too.

Dogfish Head Raison d’Etre

The Dogfish Head Raison d’Etre is a good beer choice for beer cheese dip. It is a brown ale brewed with raisins and Belgian candy sugar. This gives it a unique taste. You can taste the raisins and hints of dark fruit. It has a whole, heavy feel in your mouth.

The beer also has some grainy flavors. When exploring what beer tastes like, the Raison d’Etre exemplifies a rich and distinctive profile with its pronounced raisin and dark fruit notes, providing a full-bodied experience complemented by subtle grainy undertones.

dogfish head raison d etreThe raison d’etre pairs well with blue cheese when used in beer cheese dip. The dark fruit flavors blend nicely with blue cheese. You can also try it with soft goat cheese. The blue cheese and goat cheese complement the unique flavors in this brown ale. It has 8% alcohol, so the alcohol flavor cooks out when mixed with cheese.

So, the Dogfish Head Raison d’Etre brown ale brings a distinctive taste to beer cheese dip with its raisin and dark fruit flavors. Blue cheese and goat cheese are cheese pairings that highlight its one-of-a-kind profile.

Spaten Premium Lager

The Spaten Premium Lager is an excellent light beer choice for beer cheese dip. It is a pale German lager dominated by wealthy, malty flavors.

This beer has a better taste than the malt. You can also taste honey, grass, hay, and lemon hints. The flavors from this lager beer for beer cheese come together to give an earthy profile.

spaten premium lagerThe Spaten lager has a subtle 5.2% alcohol content. This makes it a good beer for cooking with cheese, as the alcohol flavor will not be too strong. The Spaten pairs well with mild cheddar cheese in beer cheese dip. Their mellow flavors blend nicely together. Harvati cheeses also match well with this light-bodied lager.

Both the cheddar and Harvati complement the soft malt character of the Spaten. The result is a mild yet balanced and flavorful beer cheese dip. So, the Spaten Premium Lager brings an earthy malt profile that partners nicely with mild cheeses for beer cheese dip. Its light alcohol content also makes it suitable for cooking.

Brekle’s Brown

Brekle’s Brown is a good beer choice for making a tasty beer cheese dip. It is an all-malt single-hop brown ale. This means it only uses malted barley and one type of hop.

Brekle’s Brown has a creamy cherry flavor from the Citra hops. It also has caramel flavors from the malted barley. This gives it a pleasant, sweet taste in a cheese dip. With this beer, you make the best beer cheese dip recipe.

brekles brownThe creamy cherry and caramel flavors blend well with the cheese in the dip. Aged Gouda cheese would be a fancy pairing with this beer. The saltiness of the Gouda balances the creamy flavors in the beer.

But you can also use a standard cheese like cheddar. Sharp cheddar would provide a solid flavor to match the ale. Or try an aged cheddar for a mellower flavor.

Brekle’s Brown Ale would make the beer cheese dip taste unique. The cherry and caramel notes give it a more exciting taste than a basic beer cheese. So, if you want your dip to stand out, this brown ale is a good beer choice.

Deschutes Black Butte Porter

The Deschutes Black Butte Porter is a dark, rich beer that adds flavor to your cheese dip. It is known as one of the oldest craft beers in America.

This porter has chocolate flavors, dried fruits like raisins, and coffee. When you mix it with cheese, these intense flavors will come through. The 5.2% alcohol is also a little for a dip. This is one of the beers from which one can start learning how to make beer cheese dip.

deschutes black butte porterSoft blue cheeses work best with this beer because they are creamy. The porter’s bold tastes will balance nicely with the blue cheese. Cheddar and Gorgonzola cheeses also mix well with their bold flavors.

Use something other than sharp cheeses with the Deschutes porter. Its dark, roasted flavors need a softer cheese to mellow them out. Blue cheese is creamy enough to smooth out the porter’s chocolate and coffee notes.

This porter will give your beer cheese dip depth and complexity. The chocolate, fruit, and coffee make it different from a basic beer cheese. So, this porter is a tasty choice if you want something dark and flavorful.

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Why Choose a Fat Tire For Robust Cheeses?

Fat Tire is an amber ale brewed by New Belgium Brewing. It has a nice malty flavor from the barley, balanced with citrusy and herbal hops. This makes it very versatile with different cheeses.

The maltiness of Fat Tire pairs well with robust, full-flavored cheeses. Cheeses like cheddar, Gouda, and Gruyere have bold tastes that can stand up to the ale. These cheeses will be able to handle Fat Tire’s malt character.

The hops in Fat Tire also cut through strong cheeses. Citrus and herbal notes from the hops balance out salty, tangy cheeses. This prevents any one flavor from dominating.

fat tire for robust cheesesAt 5.2% alcohol, Fat Tire has enough substance to complement hearty cheeses. Lighter beers need help against robust cheeses. Fat Tire stands up to them with its malt and hop flavor depth. The amber color also looks nice when serving cheese and beer together. Darker cheeses show off better against the ale’s copper hue. It makes an attractive board or platter for guests.

So, Fat Tire is a great beer choice for bolder cheeses. Its malty and hoppy balance enhances robust cheese flavors rather than overpowering them. It creates a delicious pairing for cheese lovers. So these 11 are the best beer for beer cheese dip that you can choose from. Also, try beers that are light for the stomach.

Different Types of Cheeses: Choosing the Perfect Beer

There are many types of cheese to pair with beer. The cheese’s flavor will determine what kind of beer complements it best. Here are some guidelines:

Light Cheeses

Lighter cheeses work well with refreshing beers. Cheeses like mozzarella and burrata are soft and milky. They pair nicely with crisp lagers, wheats, and saisons. These beers are lower in alcohol and hops, letting the subtle cheese shine.

light cheesesGo-tos include Kölsch, hefeweizen, and Belgian white beers. Their slight fruitiness and bubbles cut through light cheeses without overwhelming them.

Tangy Cheeses

Cheeses with tang or sharpness call for maltier beers to balance their acidity. Think goat cheeses, feta, and Cotswolds. Cream, amber, and brown ale have enough malt flavor and sweetness.

tangy cheesesThey satisfy the cheese’s tang without bitterness. Ciders also pair well, as their residual sugar tames tangy notes. The tannins in oaked beers can curb sharpness, too.

Strong Cheeses

Big, bold cheeses demand bold beers. Aged cheddar and Parmesan have assertive tastes that require an equally robust beer. Stouts, barleywines, and Belgian strong ales have the heft to match strong cheeses without either flavor dominating.

strong cheesesTheir roasted, malty profiles complement nutty, salty characteristics. The higher alcohol also cuts through rich, complex cheeses. Look for darker beers with red fruit esters for blue cheeses to balance creamy, spicy flavors.


What beer goes best in beer cheese dip?

Beers with medium bitterness and malty flavors usually work well. Brown ales, porters, and stouts provide balance without being too bitter. IPAs can also complement certain cheeses like cheddar. Lagers and wheats are milder options.

Why do you put beer in cheese?

The beer adds moisture and enhances the cheese flavor. Its maltiness marries nicely with cheese, bringing out more complexity. Beer also helps create a smooth, spreadable texture. The alcohol cooks off, leaving just the taste of the hops and malt.

Can you taste the beer in beer cheese?

You can taste the beer, but it’s more about the flavors enhancing the cheese rather than tasting like beer on its own. The beer flavor blends with the cheese for something new. Sharp or strong beers may stand out more.

Is beer cheese hot or cold?

Beer cheese is commonly served at room temperature as a spread or fondue. It can also be enjoyed warm as a dip with pretzels or bread. Reheating helps the flavors meld together more. Some prefer it cold on crackers as well. It depends on personal taste and what you plan to serve it with!


Each beer was selected as it bring unique flavors that complement different cheeses. The IPAs, pilsners, stouts, and more all pair nicely with bold or mild cheeses. Experimenting with the other beer and cheese combinations can lead to discovering new favorite flavor combinations for this tasty appetizer snack. Enjoy exploring to find your perfect beer-cheese dip match!

We hope this article on the best beer for beer cheese dip has helped you make your pick. Also, when considering beer options for breastfeeding, it’s essential to prioritize non-alcoholic choices, such as alcohol-free beers or alcohol-removed beers, to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for both mother and baby. We hope this article on the best beer for beer cheese dip has helped you make your pick. 

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