Beer can chicken is a popular way to roast entire chickens. In this process, the bird is put atop an open beer can. This process enriches the chicken with moisture and distinct beer flavors, with the final taste determined by the beer used. The beer’s smells and flavors, which might be malty, hoppy, fruity, or spicy, enhance the meal above standard roasting procedures. This strategy embodies the essence of backyard barbecues and outdoor gatherings.

The 15 Best Beer for Beer Can Chicken are:

  1. Sam Adams Jack-O Beer
  2. Blue Moon
  3. Guinness Stout
  4. Modelo Especial
  5. Pilsner Urquell
  6. Gulden Draak
  7. Newcastle Brown Ale
  8. Spaten Premium Lager
  9. Maduro Brown Ale
  10. Budweiser
  11. Springdale Beer BRIG Mocha Stout
  12. Berliner Weisse
  13. Pale Ale
  14. Coors Light
  15. Pinthouse Pizza Bearded Seal

As we look at the top 15 best beer for beer can chicken, keep in mind the variety of flavors each beer offers. From seasonal varieties like pumpkin-infused beers to traditional lagers and strong stouts, the world of beer has a wide range of alternatives to improve your beer-can chicken experience. Let’s look at these options and see how each beer may help to make your beer-can chicken a gourmet joy.

15 Best Beer for Beer Can Chicken

While navigating the vast world of beer-infused cuisine, we find a delicious dish: beer-can chicken. But what makes this meal exceptional? The solution is to select one of the “15 best beer for beer can chicken .”Before beginning the journey, one should know how much beer to put in the dish to make it flavorful. Discover the brewers’ secrets for an unforgettable, delicate, and delicious feast.

Sam Adams Jack-O Beer

Sam Adams Jack-O Beer, a seasonal pumpkin-flavored beer, complements beer can chicken recipes. Its distinct fall flavors and sweetness make a harmonic combination, while aromatic components such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves provide depth. 

  • ABV: 4.4%
  • Style: Pumpkin Ale
  • Flavor: It has a crisp finish, smells of cinnamon and nutmeg, and undertones of fall spices.samuel adams

The beer also aids in moisture retention, keeping the chicken juicy and providing a warm, welcoming look. It complements spice rubs and marinades, and its seasonal availability creates a festive ambiance, making it an excellent choice for outdoor cooking.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon, a Belgian-style wheat beer, is an adaptable choice for beer-can chicken because of its citrus from Valencia orange peel and Coriander-infused flavors. The beer’s citrus infusion imparts a bright, refreshing flavor, while the coriander undertones offer a mild spice and herbal taste. The wheat beer enhances the chicken’s flavor. It’s refreshing and light, with a well-rounded flavor that keeps you wanting more.

  • ABV: 5.4%
  • Style: Belgian-style wheat ale
  • Flavor: It has a creamy texture, a somewhat spicy wheat smell, and a faint citrus moon

Blue Moon has varied flavor profiles, making it ideal for mixing with herbs, spices, and marinades in beer-can chicken dishes. It also helps retain moisture, ensuring the chicken remains juicy and tender. Blue Moon is a beautiful choice for outdoor cooking because it is popular and widely available.

Guinness Stout

Guinness Stout, a renowned Irish beer, is a flexible addition to beer-can chicken. Its deep, malty flavor, which includes notes of chocolate, coffee, and caramel, permeates the meat, producing a savory and satisfying sensation. It has a distinguished deep-roasted malt flavor, creaminess, and smokey overtones. It forms a thick, creamy head that rests above an ivory crown and a blackened ruby throne when poured. 

  • ABV: 4.2%
  • Style: Irish Stout Beer
  • Flavor: It has a creamy texture, a dark color, and a rich, caramel-like flavor.guinness stout

Its assertive character contributes to a robust profile, yet its balanced complexity does not overshadow the chicken. Guinness Stout’s steam keeps the chicken moist while it cooks, creating a feeling of history and authenticity. Its rich, dark color creates a visually stunning tint, making it ideal for special occasions or parties.

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Modelo Especial

Modelo Especial, a Mexican lager, has a moderate, pleasant flavor. Its light, crisp character and mild malt sweetness enhance the chicken’s natural flavor. Its neutral flavor allows for experimentation with herbs, spices, and marinades. Modelo Especial’s delicate golden color and effervescence enhance its visual attractiveness and texture qualities.

  • ABV: 4.4%
  • Style: Mexican pilsner-style lager
  • Flavor: It has a rich flavor and a crisp, refreshing touch.modelo especial

Its relationship with Mexican food provides ethnic authenticity, making it an excellent choice for beer and chicken.

Pilsner Urquell

Pilsner Urquell, a Czech pilsner, is a favorite option for beer can chicken because of its crisp, clear, and refreshing flavor. Its well-balanced blend of malt sweetness and hop bitterness enhances the poultry’s natural flavors. The beer’s ties to Czech brewing heritage enhance authenticity.

  • ABV: 4.4%
  • Style: Bohemian / Czech Pilsner Pale Lager
  • Flavor: It blends the sweetness of triple-decocted malt with the sharpness of Saaz hops.pilsner urquell

Its light and golden color contributes to its visual attractiveness, and its enthusiasm gives it a vibrant aspect. Pilsner Urquell is ideal for individuals who like a lighter beer flavor with their chicken.

Gulden Draak

Also known as the Golden Dragon, the Gulden Draak is a Belgian dark ale with complex flavors that enhance the taste of beer and chicken. Its deep caramel and toffee notes infuse the meat, creating a rich and decadent taste. The beer’s dark ale nature adds complexity, with malt sweetness, dark fruits, and caramelization, providing a unique and sophisticated taste.

  • ABV: 10.5%
  • Style: Dark brown Triple Ale
  • Flavor: It blends a natural malt toffee-like sweetness, mellow contentment, and some hops undertones.gulden draak

The dark ale’s natural sweetness lingered on the chicken’s raw savoriness, while its fruity overtones added a unique flavor to the mouth. The result is a highly delicate roast with a distinct flavor character. The beer-infused chicken has a surprising tinge of spiciness, which I attribute directly to the strong ale’s taste.

Newcastle Brown Ale

Newcastle Brown Ale, a British brown ale with nutty and somewhat sweet overtones, can improve the flavor of beer-can chicken. Its nutty aroma permeates the meat, resulting in a savory and sweet gastronomic experience. The beer’s unique flavor profile, which includes caramel, toffee, and malt, creates layers of richness and depth.

  • ABV: 4.7%
  • Style: English brown ale
  • Flavor: Its smooth, distinctive flavor and color are achieved by a unique combination of light malt and more profound caramel malt.newcastle bown ale

It balances sweetness and maltiness, appealing to various palates and resulting in a well-balanced and pleasurable meal.

Spaten Premium Lager

Spaten Premium Lager, a German lager with a crisp and clear flavor profile, is a good option for beer-can chicken. Its lightness, malt sweetness, and hop bitterness complement the meal without dominating the poultry’s inherent flavors. The refreshing overtones from noble hops and excellent barley malt complement the meat, resulting in a well-rounded flavor. 

  • ABV: 5.2%
  • Style: German helles lager
  • Flavor: It is a Dortmunder-Helles-type beer with a medium color and a well-balanced hop flavor.spaten premium lager

Spaten Premium Lager’s light golden color provides visual appeal, while its effervescence gives the dish a vibrant and bubbly texture. Its lightness makes it a more palatable meal, ideal for individuals who like a milder beer flavor in their fowl.

Maduro Brown Ale

Maduro Brown Ale is an English-style brown ale with a strong flavor profile, a highly roasted malt flavor, a deep caramel color, and a pleasantly light body. It does not stay long but leaves a pleasant sweetness in the mouth.

  • ABV: 5.5%
  • Style: English-style brown ale
  • Flavor: It features a smooth texture, roasted flavors, and flaked oats on the malt bill.maduro brown ale

Its nuanced flavor added notes of caramel and chocolate to the chicken, resulting in a tapestry of flavors as warm and distinct as an autumn evening. The caramelized top fits wonderfully with the sweet-tangy, smokey flavor inside. The chicken may have been roasted in ale, but its narrative is all romance!


Budweiser, sometimes known as the ‘King of Beers,’ is a medium-bodied, delicious, and smooth American-style lager. With an apparent, malty sweetness and just enough bitterness to balance it out, the beer is simple and has a sharp finish. It’s brewed to the highest standards with premium hop types, malt, rice, and water. This beer’s light-bodied character and clean finish may complement the top flavors of the chicken.

  • ABV: 5%
  • Style: American-style lager beer
  • Flavor: This American beer, brewed with high-quality barley malt, a combination of premium hop varietals, fresh rice, and filtered water, is crisp and flavorful.budweiser

It brings out its inherent deliciousness without dominating it. Beer with chicken, particularly a popular pick like Budweiser, may make for a delicious gastronomic experience.   

Springdale Beer BRIG Mocha Stout

Springdale Beer BRIG Mocha Stout is a stout with mocha flavors that enhance the flavor of beer-can chicken. Its chocolate and coffee notes infuse the meat, creating a rich taste. The beer’s distinct, more robust flavors give the chicken a distinctive depth and earthy roastiness.

  • ABV: 6.8%
  • Style: American Stout
  • Flavor: The flavors include coffee, toffee, chocolate, and roasted malts.springdale beer brig mocha stout

The decadent nature of BRIG Mocha Stout adds a luxurious profile, while its dark color adds visual appeal. Using BRIG Mocha Stout for beer, can chicken creates a celebratory atmosphere and elevates the experience to a gourmet level.

Berliner Weisse

Springdale Berliner Weisse is a German-style wheat beer with a crisp, tangy flavor. Its light, hazy appearance, and powerful acidity make it suitable for warm weather and combinations with herbs, spices, and marinades. The beer evaporates, leaving behind a slight coating that improves the appearance of the beer can chicken.

  • ABV: 3.5%
  • Style: Wheat Beer Ale
  • Flavor: Though low in alcohol, it is pleasantly acidic and frequently served with a flavored syrup such as Woodruff or raspberry. It represents a harmony between yeast and lactic acid.berliner weisse

It’s a terrific summer drink and an excellent accompaniment to any meal, especially in warmer weather. The pale color of the beer can chicken contributes to its visual attractiveness.

Pale Ale

Pale Ale is a versatile element that may improve the flavor of beer can chicken. This pale ale beer is kind of bitter and citrusy, like a grapefruit! But it’s not too strong, it all tastes good together. The beer also has nice flowery and fruity smells that make the whole experience even better. When you cook chicken with this beer, it adds a little bit of extra flavor to the chicken without making it taste too beery. Every bite is like a yummy party in your mouth with the sweet maltiness of the beer mixing with the juicy chicken. It smells amazing too!

  • ABV: 4.5-6.2%
  • Style: English Pale Ale
  • Flavor: It is a medium-bodied beer with low to medium caramel and a toasted maltiness. Flowery, fruity, citrus-like, piney, and resinous American hops distinguish it.pale ale

The beer-can chicken is an epitome of flavor and simplicity at its best. The somewhat frothy texture of pale ale provides a dynamic aspect to the meal, improving the overall dining experience and best beer for beer can chicken.

Coors Light

Coors Light is a famous American pale lager with a moderate and pleasant flavor. This light yellow beer is a little bit sweet and finishes with a refreshing bite, just like many other light beers. It’s used for beer can chicken because it has a clean, simple taste that goes well with the chicken without making the chicken itself taste different. It serves as a gentle backdrop, enabling the chicken’s flavors to show through, making it ideal for individuals who want a lighter beer influence. 

  • ABV: 4.2%
  • Style: American-style light lager
  • Flavor: Full of Rocky Mountain satisfaction, this low-calorie beer has a light body, pure malt aromas, and mild bitterness.coors light

Because of its vast appeal and popularity, Coors Light is a readily available option for home cooks, making it a reliable choice for beer-can chicken dishes.

Pinthouse Pizza Bearded Seal

Pinthouse Pizza Bearded Seal is a dark beer that adds a rich and robust flavor to beer can chicken. This dark beer (Dry Irish Stout) is nice and creamy, with a bunch of different flavors like sweet candy (caramel), toasty nuts (roasted malts), and a little bit of bite (bitterness). It also has a strong, rich taste because of the malts. Because the beer is so creamy and flavorful, it goes really well with the juicy, meaty taste of the chicken cooked on a beer can. It’s a perfect match!

  • ABV: 6.1%
  • Style: Irish Dry Stout
  • Flavor: It has a light body with a hint of ashiness and an aftertaste that sweeps with sharp dark chocolate.pinthouse pizza bearded seal

The dark fur of the Bearded Seal makes the beer look extra cool as the foam goes away, leaving a shiny surface. Every sip tastes like a surprise party in your mouth, with lots of different flavors that mix together perfectly because the Bearded Seal beer is so special.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best beer for cooking?

Tripels, blondes, saisons, and gold-strong Belgian beers are typically golden in color and slightly bitter. Belgian witbier, golden strong, saison, and tripel are excellent cooking beers. You may use them in several dishes, including hearty meats, stews, and baking.

What beer goes with chicken?

Amber ale goes best with chicken.

What are the best beers for beer can chicken?

The best beers for beer can chicken are: Shed Brewery Mountain Ale, Watermelon Lime Splash White Claw, Natural light Natty Daddy, Narragansett, Guinness Draught stout, Bud Light Lime.

What alcohol is good for chicken?

White wine is the ideal pairing for roasted chicken. A dry white wine like Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay is the ideal pairing for roasted chicken. Their light, refreshing flavor and sharp acidity complement the deep flavors of the chicken.

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Beer can chicken is a flexible dish that may be served with various beers. Common themes include diversity in matching, increased moisture absorption, and attractiveness. Beer can chicken has a terrific flavor profile and may be coupled with various herbs, spices, and marinades. The beer’s color also help enhance the dish’s appearance. 

The beer used for beer can have personal tastes, and the desired flavor profile determines chicken flavor. Whether you like a seasonal twist, a cultural touch, or a sumptuous experience, these beers provide various options to complement your outdoor cooking excursion.

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