Have you been avoiding your favorite Beer because of acid reflux? Don’t lose hope; some great beer options won’t trigger reflux. This article lists the top 10 acid-flux beers that are easy on the stomach. 

Here are the ten types of beers that are easier on the stomach and less likely to trigger acid reflux symptoms:

  • Firestone Walker Pivo Pilsner
  • Samuel Adams Boston Lager
  • Pilsner Urquell
  • Anchor Brewing Old Foghorn
  • Jever Pilsener
  • Heater Allen Pils
  • Sierra Nevada Barrel-Aged Bigfoot Barleywine Style Ale
  • Bell’s Brewing Third Coast Old Ale
  • Weyerbacher Brewing Co. Insanity
  • Dovetail Brewing Vienna Lager

Choosing beers made from malts like pilsner, Vienna, or wheat is essential because they have lower acidity and are easier to digest. Lagers are generally better than ales as they are less acidic, especially those with higher barley content, like barley malt lagers. Also, watch the alcohol—while one Beer is fine, too much can relax the valve between the esophagus and stomach, allowing acid to rise and cause heartburn. The featured beers have less ABV, so enjoy one without stressing in this guide on the best Beer for acid reflux.

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Top 10 Best Beer for Acid Reflux

Here are 10 types of beers that are easier on the stomach and are less likely to trigger acid reflux symptoms:

Firestone Walker Pivo Pilsner 

The Firestone Walker Pivo Pilsner is a good beer for people with acid reflux. It is a light beer made from pilsner malt. Pilsner malt is low in acid, which is accessible in the stomach. This Beer has a crisp, floral taste with hints of lemongrass. It is low in alcohol at 4.5% ABV, making it easy to digest. Many people like the taste of this Beer, and it does not cause reflux problems for most. This is one of the best Beer for acid reflux. firestone walker pivo pilsner


  • Robust flavor profile without being too heavy
  • Made with low-acid pilsner malt
  • Widely available at most stores


  • It can be pretty bitter for sensitive stomachs
  • It may still trigger reflux in some people

Samuel Adams Boston Lager 

Samuel Adams Boston Lager is a trendy beer that is good for people with acid reflux. It is made with barley malt, which makes it low in acid. Barley malt gives the Beer a mild, sweet flavor of caramel and bread. The hops give it a slightly bitter taste, but not too much. This is one of the best options in the best light Beer for acid reflux. This Beer is light and very good for fish and chips

The alcohol content of Samuel Adams Boston Lager is low at 4.8%, which is easy to digest. It does not have a heavy or filling feeling like some other beers. The lager is lightly carbonated, so it does not cause burping or pressure in the stomach. Many people say it goes down smoothly.samuel adams boston lager

While it may not have robust flavors, that also means it is gentle and not irritating to the stomach. The flavors are well-balanced and complement each other. It tastes clean and refreshing. Samuel Adams Boston Lager is widely available in stores, too, so it is easy to find.


  • Easy on the stomach due to low acidity and alcohol
  • Good, balanced flavors of caramel, bread and hops
  • Widely available and affordable
  • Light carbonation avoids stomach issues


  • The flavor profile may seem too mild for some tastes
  • Hops can be a little bitter for sensitive stomachs
  • The alcohol content is low but may still irritate some people with acid reflux

Pilsner Urquell

Pilsner Urquell is a very famous beer from the Czech Republic. It is considered the original Pilsner beer that started the Pilsner style. It has a light golden color and is very clear.

You can taste some grains like bread and caramel when you drink it. There are also hints of flowers and citrus from the hops. It is lightly bitter but very refreshing. Pilsner Urquell has a bubbly feel in the mouth but does not give gas in the stomach like other beers.

This Beer is made from pilsner malt, which is low in acid. It also has less alcohol at around 4%. This makes it easy to drink and not heavy for digestion. Pilsner Urquell has been created using the same recipe for centuries, so it has stood the test of time.pilsner urquell


  • Original pilsner beer with a history
  • Crisp and light body that is not filling
  • Complex flavors of grains, hops, and citrus
  • Low acidity and alcohol from pilsner malt


  • Bitterness may be high for some tastes
  • Higher priced than regular pilsners
  • Not as widely available as other brands

Anchor Brewing Old Foghorn

Anchor Brewing Old Foghorn is a barley wine ale from Anchor Brewing in California. This is one of the best Beer for acid reflux. It has a deep red color that looks almost like wine. You get dried fruit flavors like raisins, plums, and dates when you taste it. There are also hints of caramel, coffee, and spices.

The alcohol content of 8.5% is higher than regular beers, but the high barley malt content makes it easier on the stomach than other alcoholic drinks. It is full-bodied and vibrant tasting. Old Foghorn has a balance of sweet malt flavors and bitterness from hops.anchor brewing old foghorn


  • Complex flavors from barley malt and hops
  • Full and rich taste in each sip
  • Higher alcohol but easy to digest
  • Unique fruity and spicy flavor


  • More pungent taste may not suit all
  • Higher alcohol content than most beers
  • It can be more expensive to buy
  • Limited availability outside California

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Jever Pilsener

Jever Pilsener is a German pilsner beer brewed by the Jever Brewery. It has a light yellow color and is very clear. When you taste it, you can detect flavors of grain and cereal. It is lightly bitter from hops but not too strong.

Being a pilsner, it is made from pilsner malt, which is low in acidity. This makes it gentle on the stomach. It also has a low alcohol content of only 4.9%. This means it does not irritate the stomach lining as much as beers with higher alcohol.

Jever Pilsener has a smooth, refreshing taste that is not too heavy. It goes down quickly and leaves you satisfied without an upset stomach.jever pilsener


  • Made from low-acidity pilsner malt
  • Shallow 4.9% alcohol content
  • The crisp and refreshing flavor
  • Gentle on the stomach


  • The flavor is relatively light and plain
  • Bitterness can be higher than some prefer
  • It can be not easy to find outside of Germany
  • The price is higher than regular pilsners

Heater Allen Pils

You must have thought about the best beer for acid reflux, so here it is Heater Allen Pils. Heater Allen Pils is a pilsner beer brewed by Heater Allen Brewing in Massachusetts. Pilsners are generally very low in acidity, which makes them gentle on the stomach.

This pilsner is light golden and is quite evident when held up to the light. The flavor resembles other pilsners with grain, bread, and cereal notes. It has a delicate hop bitterness that adds just a hint of grassiness.

The alcohol content of Heater Allen Pils is only 5%, which is moderate for a pilsner. This means it does not irritate the stomach lining much like stronger beers. It goes down smoothly and refreshes you without any acid reflux symptoms afterward.heater allen pils


  • Made from low-acidity pilsner malt
  • Moderate 5% alcohol level
  • Crisp and lightly bitter flavor
  • Gentle on the stomach


  • Flavor is not very complex or unique
  • Bitterness may be higher than some prefer
  • It can be not easy to find outside of New England
  • Price is usually average for a craft pilsner

Sierra Nevada Barrel-Aged Bigfoot Barleywine Style Ale

The Sierra Nevada Barrel-Aged Bigfoot Barleywine Style Ale is a high-alcohol beer that Sierra Nevada Brewing Company brewed. It is aged in bourbon barrels, which gives it a complex flavor.

This Beer has a deep amber color and an aroma of wood, vanilla, and alcohol when first opened. It has a sweet and malty flavor with notes of caramel, toffee, and bourbon from being aged in oak barrels. The alcohol content is 9%, which is relatively high.sierra nevada


  • Made from barley, which is low in acidity
  • Unique flavors from barrel aging, like wood and bourbon
  • Rich and complex taste profile
  • It is suitable for special occasions due to its high alcohol


  • Very high alcohol content, which is not suitable for those with acid reflux
  • Intense flavors are not for everyone’s taste
  • It can be not easy to find outside of California
  • Typically more expensive than other beers

Bell’s Brewing Third Coast Old Ale

Bell’s Brewing Third Coast Old Ale is a dark beer with an ale flavor but is brewed to be aged like a barley wine. It has a beautiful red color and smells of caramel, bourbon, and rye bread when opened.

The taste has notes of dried fruit, toffee, and oak from aging. It is malty and full-bodied. At 10.2% alcohol, it is vital. third coast old ale


  • Made from barley malt, which is low in acidity
  • Complex flavors from aging, like bourbon and oak
  • Rich and full-bodied taste
  • Suitable for winter or special occasions


  • Very high alcohol content is not suitable for those with reflux
  • Intense flavors are an acquired taste
  • It is more bitter than other barleywine options on the list
  • Typically found only around Michigan, where Bell’s is based

Weyerbacher Brewing Co. Insanity

Weyerbacher Brewing Co. Insanity is an English-style barleywine ale. This means it is a solid ale made from barley malt. It has a deep amber color and smells of nuts, vanilla, whiskey, and other complex flavors from aging in barrels. This beer is among the best for acid reflux

The taste is unique, with banana, caramel, and bubblegum notes. At 9.5% alcohol, it is a solid beer. It has a smooth, malty flavor but is also quite bitter from hops.weyerbacher


  • Made from barley malt, which is accessible on the stomach
  • Exciting and complex flavors from barrel aging
  • Smooth and malty with some sweetness
  • High alcohol is so suitable for special occasions


  • Very high alcohol content is not suitable for frequent drinking
  • Intense flavors are an acquired taste
  • It can be not easy to find outside of Pennsylvania
  • Typically more expensive than other options on this list

Dovetail Brewing Vienna Lager

Dovetail Brewing makes a lovely Vienna lager beer that is easy on the stomach. Vienna lager is a type of Beer made with Vienna malt. This malt gives the Beer a brownish-red color and a sweet, bready flavor.

Dovetail’s Vienna lager uses a lot of Vienna malt, so it has a pleasant sweet malty taste. It’s not too bitter like some beers. The taste is smooth, and you can detect hints of caramel from the malt. It’s light and filling like some other beers.dovetail

This Beer goes down easy and is refreshing to drink. It has just the right amount of bitterness from the hops to balance out the sweet malt flavor. The hops give it a pleasant floral taste, too. The bitterness is not overpowering and upsets your stomach like in some IPA beers.

Dovetail’s Vienna lager is lower in alcohol than other beers at only around 5%. This makes it gentler on your stomach if you have acid reflux issues. The sweeter malt flavors and lower alcohol make it safer than heavy beers.


  • An excellent example of a Vienna lager
  • Notes of caramel and malts
  • Balanced malt flavors and hop bitterness


  • It can be hard to find
  • Higher priced than some other beer options

What type of drinks usually cause acid reflux?

Some standard drinks that can cause acid reflux include:

  • Carbonated drinks: Carbonation causes burping and puts pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter. carbonated drinksThis allows stomach acid to back up into the esophagus. Carbonated beers and sodas are the top culprits.
  • Citrus drinks: Citrus juices from oranges and lemons are highly acidic. citrus drinksThis acidity can irritate the esophagus and cause acid reflux symptoms.
  • Coffee and tea: Caffeine is a stimulant and relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter.coffee and tea It can also increase stomach acid production.
  • Alcohol: All types of alcohol can weaken the lower esophageal sphincter. Hard liquors, red wine, and beers high in acidity are particularly problematic.alcohol
  • Tomato-based foods and drinks: Tomatoes contain acidic compounds that may aggravate reflux. Ketchup, tomato juice, and spicy tomato sauces can all trigger symptoms.tomato based drinks
  • Mint: The menthol in mint may relax the lower esophageal sphincter and cause reflux. Mint tea and candies should be consumed in moderation.mint
  • Carbonated water: Like carbonated sodas, the bubbles in carbonated water can pressure the esophagus and LES.carbonated water

So, highly acidic, carbonated, caffeinated, alcoholic, and minty drinks are most likely to cause acid reflux or make symptoms worse. It’s best to avoid these beverages, especially around meals.

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What Beer has the lowest acidity?

Beers made from barley, such as pilsners, lagers, and wheat beers, tend to have the lowest acidity. Specifically, pilsners and helles lagers are often recommended as they are lighter in color and flavor.

What Beer is best for reflux?

Generally, Beer made from barley malt, like pilsners, lagers, and wheat beers, is most accessible for the digestive system. Specifically, some good options include Sam Adams Boston Lager, Pilsner Urquell, or Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Avoid very dark or high-alcohol beers.

Is Beer good for acid reflux?

In moderation, some beers can be better than others for reflux. Like pilsners and lagers, lighter beers from barley are less acidic than dark beers or ales. Listening to your body and avoiding beers that trigger symptoms is best. Staying hydrated can also help.

How do you get rid of beer heartburn?

To relieve beer-induced heartburn: Try antacids or over-the-counter medications. You can also drink milk containing calcium and magnesium to neutralize stomach acid. Avoid lying down for a few hours after drinking. In the future, drink Beer slowly, avoid carbonated varieties, and don’t drink on an empty stomach.


So, Beer can cause acid reflux for many people due to its carbonation and other ingredients. The beers listed are easier on the stomach than regular beers. Try one and see if it allows you to enjoy a drink without heartburn. However, keeping reflux in check often requires a healthy lifestyle overall. 

Watching diet, stress levels, weight, and sleeping position can help manage acid reflux long-term. Moderation is vital with any beer. We hope this article on the ten best beers for acid reflux has helped you choose. Exploring the best beer options in Arizona can be enjoyable if you’re in Arizona. Consider trying the local brews, as finding the right balance between flavor and stomach comfort is essential. Low-purine beer is an excellent choice for those looking to maintain a balanced lifestyle while indulging in the occasional drink with friends or family.

Also, incorporating the best beer for chili can add depth and complexity to your dish, enhancing its overall aroma and taste.

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