Grab a cold one because we will tell you about some of the best cities in America to satisfy your beer cravings! Whether you’re a casual beer drinker or a hardcore hophead, these top 15 beer cities have something for everyone.

First is Portland, Oregon – the undisputed king of American beer towns. Other US cities like San Diego and Denver offer beer enthusiasts excellent local brews and festivals celebrating beer. These locations boast thriving brewery scenes, unique beer styles, and passionate drinking communities, making them top destinations for any craft beer fan.

So whether you’re looking for hoppy West Coast-style beers or rare Belgian ales, these top cities will quench your thirst for great craft brews. Now grab your keys – the beers are calling your name!

Popular Craft Beer Culture in the US

The US has a rich craft beer culture, with many cities leading the way. Places like Portland, Maine, and Oregon are considered top beer cities due to the many breweries and great beer varieties. Cities like Denver, Boston, San Diego, and Burlington also have a high concentration of breweries per capita. 

Beer lovers visit these cities to tour the breweries, learn about beer-making, and sample different beers. Popular beer styles vary in other cities based on the local climate and traditions. 

Festivals are also held nationwide, where people can try craft beers from different breweries under one roof. The growing craft beer movement has made beer a topic of conversation and an essential part of the culture in many parts of America.

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Best Beer Cities in the US

The United States has many cities with thriving beer cultures and top-notch breweries. These cities offer beer lovers a fantastic selection of craft beers and fun events like beer festivals. Some of the best cities for beer in America include:

Portland, Oregon

The Pacific Northwest is known for its flourishing craft beer scene. Portland, Oregon, is considered one of the biggest beer cities in the US. With over 80 breweries within city limits, Portland has more breweries per capita than any other city.

Portland is often called “Beervana” or “Beer Country” due to the large number of breweries. Some of the most popular breweries include Widmer Brothers, which helped kickstart the craft beer revolution in the 1980s. Other top breweries in Portland are Deschutes Brewery, Breakside Brewery, Cascade Brewing, and Hair of the Dog Brewery, known for their barrel-aged beers.portland

5 best beers in Portland:

  • Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA
  • Hair of the Dog Adam From The Wood
  • Cascade Apricot Ale
  • Breakside IPA
  • Widmer Hefeweizen

San Diego, California

The southern coast of California is also a hotspot for craft beer. This is one of the top cities for beer lovers, with over 100 breweries in the county.

It has ideal weather conditions for brewing different beer styles. It is known for West Coast IPAs, as well as experimental beers. Popular breweries include Ballast Point, which produces highly-rated Sculpin IPA. Other top breweries are AleSmith Brewing Company, known for speedway stout, Modern Times Beer, and Societe Brewing Company.san diego

5 best beers in San Diego:

  • Ballast Point Sculpin IPA
  • AleSmith Speedway Stout
  • Modern Times Beer Fruitlands
  • Societe The Pupil IPA
  • Coronado Brewing Company Orange Avenue Wit

Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado, is a great city for beer lovers. It has over 150 breweries and brewpubs with lots of options to choose from. People can visit new breweries every day and try different craft beers. Denver is also located near the Rocky Mountains, which provides beautiful views for drinkers. Some popular breweries are Station 26 Brewing Co., Great Divide Brewery, and Firehouse Brewery, where people can enjoy fresh beers and meals.denver

5 best beers in Denver:

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina, is a famous city for beer lovers. It has many breweries and good beer. People like going there to try different types of beer.

Asheville has over 30 breweries. The breweries make beer like IPAs, stouts, saisons, and more. People visit the breweries to learn about beer and drink samples. They can also get food at some breweries.

The city is in the mountains so it is beautiful. Beer and nature together make it a nice place to visit. People have fun exploring the breweries and enjoying the scenery.

Asheville is becoming very famous for its beer. More people are going there every year to experience the beer scene. It is a top city in America for anyone who likes unique craft beers.asheville

Five best beers in Asheville:

  • Wicked Weed Brewing – Freak of Nature
  • Burial Beer Co. – Skillet Donut Stout
  • New Belgium Brewing – Fat Tire Amber Ale
  • Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. – Pale Ale
  • Hi-Wire Brewing – Golden Boy Pilsner

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago has many bars and breweries. People in Chicago love beer. This is one of the top beer cities in the US to drink beer. 

The price of beer in Chicago is average. One beer costs $5.18 usually. This is close to the regular price in other big cities.

Chicago has 0.6 breweries for every 100,000 people. This is less than most other cities on the best beer city list. But Chicago still has many breweries because it is a big city.

Chicago ranks number 36 on the list of best beer cities. It could improve by having more breweries relative to its size. But overall, Chicago has a strong beer culture and many options for beer lovers.chicago

5 best beers in Chicago:

  • Goose Island Beer Co.
  • Revolution Brewing
  • Half Acre Beer Co.
  • Maplewood Brewery
  • Metropolitan Brewing

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a great city for beer lovers. This city has many breweries and bars. People in Seattle love beer.

Seattle has over 2 breweries for every 100,000 people. This is more than most other big cities. Seattle has many bars, too. Bars and breweries are trendy in Seattle.

Beer is also not too expensive in Seattle. It costs a little more than average but not a lot more. People in Seattle can still enjoy beer without spending too much money.

Both locals and visitors love the breweries in Seattle. Breweries make many types of beers in Seattle. Beers like IPAs are top-rated in Seattle.

Seattle has a strong beer culture. Many people search online for beers and breweries in Seattle. They want to learn about new places to enjoy beer.seattle

5 best beers in Seattle:

  • Fremont Brewing – Interurban IPA
  • Reuben’s Brews – Ballard Bitter
  • Holy Mountain Brewing – Sour Solera
  • Cloudburst Brewing – Big Wood
  • Stoup Brewing – Coffee Stout

Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine, is a coastal city located in southern Maine. It is a historic city with a growing craft beer scene. This comes as one of the best craft beer cities in the US. Portland has many small breweries that make unique beers. Some of the top breweries in Portland include Allagash Brewing Company, Bissell Brothers, Foundation Brewing Co, Oxbow Brewing Company, and Austin Street Brewery.

Allagash Brewing Company is top-rated and is known for its Belgian-style beers. Bissell Brothers is renowned for hazy IPAs. Foundation Brewing Co. focuses on farmhouse ales. Oxbow Brewing Company uses local ingredients in small batches. Austin Street Brewery serves approachable beers in a laidback taproom.portland maine

5 best beers in Portland, Maine:

  • Allagash White
  • Bissell Brothers The Substance
  • Foundation Farmhouse Saison
  • Oxbow Farmhouse Pale Ale
  • Austin Street Bramble

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids is a city in western Michigan known for its growing craft beer scene. In recent years, many new breweries have opened up in the town and surrounding areas. Grand Rapids now has a variety of great breweries for people to visit. 

People can take tours of the breweries and sample different beers. On weekends, many breweries also have live music or other events. The growing number of breweries has helped Grand Rapids become a popular destination for beer lovers. 

The city also has many parks and outdoor spaces along the Grand River, which runs through it. Visitors can enjoy the breweries and experience other things like dining, shopping, or outdoor activities in Grand Rapids.grand rapids michigan

5 best beers in Grand Rapids, Michigan:

  • New Holland Brewing – Dragon’s Milk stout
  • Founders Brewing – Breakfast Stout
  • Dark Horse Brewing – Sapient Trip
  • Brewery Vivant – Farmhand Table beer
  • Harmony Brewing – Rye of the Tiger IPA

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia has a long history of beer brewing dating back to the 17th century. At one time, Philadelphia brewed more beer than any other place in the Americas. 

While it may not hold that title today, Philadelphia’s love for beer remains. The city is home to over 30 breweries and historic pubs and taprooms.

Philadelphia Brewing Company is located in a historic 19th-century brewery. They craft beers using old-world styles suiting all tastes. 

Love City Brewing has a spacious beer garden perfect for relaxing with a pint of Sylvie Oatmeal Stout or Destination Unknown Pale Ale. Philadelphia is a top city for beer lovers to explore both new breweries and the city’s longstanding beer culture.philadelphia

Five best beers in Philadelphia:

  • Sly Fox Pikeland Pils
  • Tired Hands Brewing Company – Accretion
  • Forest & Main Brewing Company – Coco Loco Coconut Porter
  • Victory Brewing Company – Golden Monkey Tripel
  • Yards Brewing Company – Brawler Double IPA

Austin, Texas

Austin is a great city for beer lovers. It has many breweries and bars. People in Austin love drinking and searching for beer online.

Austin has 1.57 breweries for every 100,000 people. This is more than most other large cities. It also has 28 bars for every 100,000 people. Both breweries and bars are famous places in Austin.

The average price of a beer in Austin is $5. Beer is affordable for most people. Buying one domestic beer daily costs 3.4% of the average annual income.

Online searches show people in Austin like beer. They often look up beer-related words. Some of their favorite types of beer are IPA, stout, and pale ale.

Austin is an exciting city with live music and sports. Enjoying beer is part of the social culture. Both residents and visitors can find many great breweries and bars downtown or in other neighborhoods.austin

5 best beers in Austin:

  • Live Oak Hefeweizen (Live Oak Brewing Company)
  • 512 Pecan Porter (512 Brewing Company)
  • Jester King Funk Metal (Jester King Brewery)
  • Real Ale Devil’s Backbone (Real Ale Brewing Company)
  • Independence Stash IPA (Independence Brewing Company)

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is a city in Colorado known for its excellent beer scene. It has many breweries where people can enjoy craft beers. The city is home to the University of Colorado, so there are also lots of young people who like beers.

Boulder has more breweries compared to its size. The breweries make different types of beers like pale ales, IPAs, and stouts. People like the beers made in Boulder, and some have won awards. Hiking and outdoor activities are also popular in Boulder. After a day outside, people enjoy relaxing in breweries.boulder

5 best beers in Boulder, Colorado:

  • Avery IPA (Avery Brewing Company)
  • Hazed and Infused (Boulder Beer Company)
  • Craft Lager (Upslope Brewing Company)
  • Nitro Milk Stout (Left Hand Brewing Company)
  • Pinner Throwback IPA (Twisted Pine Brewing Company)

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

Minneapolis and St. Paul, also called the Twin Cities, are two large cities in Minnesota that are close together. They have a perfect beer scene with many breweries and bars. The price of beer is also reasonable here. You can get a beer for around $4.39, cheaper than most cities. There are about 1.5 breweries for every 100,000 people living there. People in Minneapolis like to search for beer online a lot, too. It gets cold in Minnesota during winter, so having many places to enjoy beer makes it more fun. Whether you want to try new craft beers or your regular ones, the Twin Cities have options for everyone. Many people can hang out at breweries and pubs on weekends, trying different beers. It is an excellent place for people who love exploring new beers.minneapolis

5 best beers in Minneapolis/St. Paul:

  • Furious
  • Summit Extra Pale Ale
  • Surly Darkness Russian Imperial Stout
  • Indeed DIPA
  • Bauhaus Blonde Ale

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San Francisco/Bay Area, California

San Francisco/Bay Area, California, is a good place for people who love beer. It has many small breweries and beer bars. People can easily find good beer in the city. Some famous breweries are Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Anchor Brewing Company, Lagunitas Brewing Company, and 21st Amendment Brewery. san francisco

The breweries do experiments with food-inspired beers, which makes the beers unique. Moonlight Brewing Company uses local plants like cedar bark and redwood twigs to make unique beers.

5 best beers in San Francisco/Bay Area, California:

  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
  • Anchor Steam Beer
  • Lagunitas IPA
  • 21st Amendment Brewery Hell or High Watermere
  • Moonlight Brewing Company Death & Taxes

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee is a city located in Wisconsin known for its beer. This is among the best beer cities in the US for beer. Milwaukee has many breweries and bars where people can enjoy beer. It has almost 40 bars per 100,000 people, more than any other city. Milwaukee also has over three breweries for every 100,000 people. That’s more than double the average city. Beer is essential to Milwaukee. Even their baseball team is called the Brewers.milwaukee

People in Milwaukee like beer a lot. They often search online for things about beer. Beer is also affordable in Milwaukee. The average beer only costs $4.41. Milwaukee is an excellent city for people who love beer.

5 best beers in Milwaukee:

  • Spotted Cow (New Glarus Brewing Company)
  • Sprecher Brewing Company’s Amber Ale
  • Lakefront Brewery’s Fixed Gear Ale
  • Third Space Brewing’s Jam Session Ale
  • Good City Brewing’s Fizzy Yellow Beer

Tampa, Florida

Tampa is a city located on the west coast of Florida. It has warm weather all year round, which is excellent for visiting. Tampa has a lot of beaches with white sand and blue water that are fun to swim and relax at.

There are also many things to do in Tampa, like theme parks. Busch Gardens is a big theme park with rides and places to see animals. People can also visit the Florida Aquarium to catch fish and sea creatures. Ybor City is a historic part of Tampa where people used to work in cigar factories. Now, it has restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.tampa

Baseball fans will like that Tampa has a professional baseball team called the Tampa Bay Rays. They play their games at Tropicana Field, which is in the city. Tampa is also becoming known as a good place for craft beer. Many breweries have opened in and around the city in recent years. People visit Tampa for its beaches, theme parks, baseball, nightlife, and craft beer scene.

5 best beers in Tampa, Florida:

  • Cigar City Brewing Jai Alai IPA
  • Angry Chair Brewing Co. IPA
  • Coppertail Brewing Co. Hefeweizen
  • Green Bench Brewing Co. Hop Shovel IPA
  • 3 Daughters Brewing Beach Blonde Ale

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What is the number one beer city in the US?

Many say Portland, Oregon, is considered the top beer city in the United States. It has the most breweries of any city.

What is the beer city of the United States?

Another city often called the beer city is Denver, Colorado. Colorado generally has many breweries, and craft beer is trendy there.

What part of the US has the best beer?

The Pacific Northwest, like Oregon and Washington, is thought of as having some of the best beer in America. Cities like Portland and Seattle are very well-known for craft beer.

Is beer popular in America?

Yes, beer is trendy in the United States. America has thousands of breweries making many different types of craft beers. Beer is enjoyed by people looking to relax and those who want to explore new flavors. It’s common to find beer at sports games and social gatherings. Craft beer especially continues to grow in popularity across the country.


There are many of the best beer cities in the US to discover great local beers. Each destination has breweries making unique brews and a community that supports them. Whether large cities or small towns, these top-ranked locations offer beer lovers an experience of sampling new styles and learning about the craft. Planning a trip to one will provide an unforgettable adventure for any fan of tasty beverages. Also, explore the best beer in Arizona, one of the top US beer destinations. Arizona offers a thrilling experience for beer lovers, from unique brews to vibrant brewery communities. Experimenting with different beer styles can help you discover the best beer for chilli. So research where brewing is thriving and make a beer-filled vacation a reality today!

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