Discover the essence of Austrian beer culture with the top 10 best beers. From the renowned Gösser to the innovative Edelweiss, each Beer represents Austria’s passion for quality and tradition. Explore the flavors and heritage behind these exceptional brews, which are perfect for new beer fans.

The 10 best Austrian beers are:

  • Gösser
  • Ottakringer
  • Stiegl
  • Zipfer
  • Edelweiss
  • Egger
  • Wieselburger Bier
  • Schleppe
  • Murauer
  • Puntigamer

Keep exploring to uncover the vibrant world of Austrian beer culture. Dive into the flavors, traditions, and innovations behind the top 10 Austrian beers. Whether you’re an old beer fan or just starting your journey as a beer lover, there’s plenty to discover in every sip.

Top 10 Best Austrian Beers

Settled inside the core of Europe lies Austria, a nation praised for its rich social legacy and dazzling Beer. Austrian Beer culture is widely appreciated in the country, with blending customs going back hundreds of years. Austria flaunts a different and flourishing Beer culture, from outstanding ales to creative art mixes. The culture keeps on exciting beer fans around the world.

Now, we will indulge in the ten best Austrian Beers representing the country’s passion for quality, custom, and the development of new beers. Each of these mixes offers an extraordinary taste insight, the intelligence of Austria’s beer-making ability, and commitment to create great flavors.

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Established in 1860, Gösser Distillery remains one of Austria’s most remarkable Beer makers. This Distillery is Situated in the beautiful town of Leoben in Styria. Gösser has learned the craft of preparing excellent beers over the ages.

Gösser’s lead Beer, the Gösser Märzen, is a special Austrian ale famous for its fresh, revitalizing taste and brilliant color. It is Prepared by using carefully hand-picked hops and malted grain. Märzen flaunts a reasonable flavor profile with notes of caramel and natural hop bitterness.gooser

Besides Märzen, Gösser offers different beers to suit each taste, including light ales, rich bocks, and reviving Wheat Beer. With its proper obligation to quality and consistency, Gösser maintains its heritage as one of Austria’s head distilleries.


Settled in the beautiful city of Vienna, the Ottakringer brewery has been a foundation of Austrian blending. Ottakringer isn’t just a brewery but an image of the city’s rich Beer culture.

One of Ottakringer’s significant contributions is its Ottakringer Helles. It is an outstanding Austrian pale ale prestigious for its smooth, malty flavor and fresh finish. Prepared by customary techniques utilizing carefully obtained ingredients, Ottakringer Helles tops the Viennese Beer culture.ottakringer

Helles Ottakringer presents a wide variety of unique Beer blends. Ottakringer’s dedication to quality and progress is evident in every sip, whether in a bustling Viennese beer garden or home, ensuring consistent satisfaction.


Hailing from the beautiful city of Salzburg, Stiegl has been making outstanding Beers since around 1492. With more than five centuries of fermenting skill, Stiegl has gained fame for greatness, delivering many customary and delicious Beers. It has a Corona beer taste, so it serves as a great alternative to Corona.stiegl beer

At the core of Stiegl’s portfolio is its Stiegl Goldbräu. This Austrian ale is famous for its fresh, clean taste and brilliant variety. Its Fermentation utilizes pure spring water from the Austrian Alps and the best carefully obtained ingredients. Stiegl represents the Distillery’s obligation to quality and validity.

Even with its top ale, Austrian beer Stiegl offers a different exhibit of unique beer, wheat Beer, pilsners, and occasional mixes. Stiegl sets the standard for Austrian excellence, focusing on customization, craftsmanship, and sustainability.


Settled in the charming district of Upper Austria, Zipfer Bottling has been delivering outstanding Beer since around 1858. It is named after the beautiful town of Zipf, where it is found. Zipfer Distillery is famous for its commitment to quality, advancement, and ecological stewardship.zipfer beer

Zipfer Märzen, the brewery’s lead product, is an outstanding Austrian ale commended for its smooth, malty flavor and balanced bitterness. Its preparation involves carefully obtained hops and pure water.

In addition to its Märzen, Zipfer Brewery offers a diverse range of beers, including pilsners, wheat, and unique brews. With a focus on quality ingredients, precise blending techniques, and sustainable practices, Zipfer Brewery continues to delight beer enthusiasts in Austria and beyond.

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Settled amid the impressive Austrian Alps, Edelweiss Brewery combines tradition with innovation to create exceptional beers that capture the essence of the mountains. Named after the iconic alpine flower, Edelweiss Brewery celebrates Austria’s natural beauty and brewing heritage.edelweiss beer

One of Edelweiss’ outstanding contributions is its Edelweiss Weissbier. It is an exceptional Bavarian-style wheat Beer eminent for its fruity smell, smooth surface, and unique banana and clove notes. Prepared utilizing conventional Bavarian yeast strains and carefully obtained wheat, Edelweiss Weissbier offers a reviving taste of the Alps with each taste.

Notwithstanding its Weissbier, Edelweiss Bottling Works makes an assortment of unique Beers, including occasional Beers animated by the changing seasons and ingredients. With its obligation to quality, imagination, and supportability, Edelweiss Bottling’s works typify the soul of Austrian art preparation.

Wieselburger Bier

Settled in the core of Lower Austria, Wieselburger Brewery has been making outstanding Beer since around 1708. With more than three centuries of preparation skill, Wieselburger Coffin has gained fame for greatness, new preparatory strategies, and present-day methods to make blends of unrivaled quality. It is a famous Austrian beer in the USA as well.

Wieselburger Märzen, the distillery’s lead beer, is an outstanding Austrian ale known for its smooth, malty flavor and brilliant color. Prepared utilizing the best carefully obtained ingredients, including pure water and carefully chosen hops and malt, Wieselburger Märzen exemplifies the uniqueness of Austrian blending techniques.wieselburger bier

Notwithstanding its Märzen, Wieselburger Distillery offers different beers to suit each taste, including fresh pilsners, invigorating wheat Beer, and bocks. With its promised commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and advancement, Wieselburger Bier keeps exciting beer fans across Austria.


Settled in the memorable city of Klagenfurt, Schleppe Distillery has guided Austrian fermenting since its establishment in 1632. With a rich legacy spreading over centuries, schleppe beer

Schleppe Brewery blends revered traditions with cutting-edge brewing techniques to craft beers of remarkable character and complexity.    

Known for intense flavors, Schleppe beers feature caramel notes and carefully selected hops, creating a unique and satisfying experience. Schleppe Distillery has been pushing the limits of Austrian beer brand culture by creating quality products.

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Murauer’s Distillery has been active in making flavorful beers since about 1495. With a legacy of custom and a guarantee to greatness, Murauer Distillery remains one of Austria’s most loved and regarded Beer makers.

Murauer Märzen, the Distillery’s lead Beer, is an outstanding Austrian ale revered for its fresh, clean taste and brilliant variety. Brewed using pure water from the Styrian Alps and the finest carefully sourced ingredients, Murauer Märzen embodies the essence of Austrian brewing tradition, offering a taste of the region with every sip.murauer beer

Notwithstanding its Märzen, Murauer Brewery offers different mixes to suit each event and sense of taste, including light ales, sweet-smelling wheat Beers, and strong bocks. By committing to quality, craftsmanship, and durability, Murauer Brewery is preserving its heritage as an image of Austria’s mixing excellence.


Since about 1621, Puntigamer has been producing a wide variety of new types of Beer in the great city of Graz. With a rich history spanning centuries, Puntigamer has perfected brewing craft to create beers that captivate the senses and delight the palate.

An excellent Austrian beer known for its smooth, malty flavor and fresh finish, Puntigamer Marzen is the main product of the Distillery. The Puntigamer Marzen is an example of Austria’s traditional brewing, using simple water and carefully chosen ingredients to produce a taste of Styria with every drink.puntigamer beer

Puntigamer Brewery continues to push the boundaries of Austrian brewing with a commitment to quality and innovation, which has earned it recognition and awards for its exceptional beers.

Where do Austrians drink their Beer?

Austria, famous for its rich social legacy and different drinking cultures, is also quite talked about for its lively Beer culture. where austrians drink their beerFrom Beer gardens to open bars, Austrians have a well-established custom of getting a charge out of Beer in different settings. We will explore where Austrians come together to enjoy their favorite blends, ranging from traditional beer gardens to trendy specialty beer bars.

Beer Gardens 

An essential aspect of Austrian beer culture, Beer gardens offer a remarkable open-air drinking experience that unites local gardens The beer gardens provide an ideal place to enjoy a glass of Austrian Pilsner on a warm summer day, surrounded by lush green or hidden under towering chestnut trees.

Gasthäuser (Guesthouses) and Gaststätten (Bars)

Gasthäuser and Gaststätten are important Austrian establishments that serve as hubs of community life, where locals gather to unwind, relax, and enjoy a good beer.gasthäuserIn towns and villages all over Austria, these cozy bars are often distinguished by their traditional architecture and warm hospitality.

Heuriger (Wine Taverns)

While Austria is prestigious for its Beer culture, wine likewise holds an extraordinary spot in its culinary customs. In the wine-developing districts of Lower Austria, Burgenland, and Styria, locals gather at Heuriger, a traditional wine bar, to sample the latest vintages and enjoy the convivial company.heuriger

Despite their emphasis on wine, numerous Heuriger likewise serves Beer, giving a reviving option in contrast to Beer fans. These charming bars often boast outdoor seating areas with stunning views of the vineyards, serving Austrian beer steins. This makes them perfect places to unwind with a cold beer after a day of exploring the countryside.

Craft Beer Bars 

Unique beer bars have become famous for Beer enthusiasts looking for remarkable and exploratory Beers made with enthusiasm and innovativeness.craft beer bars

In these trendy areas, customers will find new tastes and styles of Beer from a wide variety of unique brews produced locally or globally to satisfy diverse tastes.

Celebrations and Occasions

Austria consistently hosts beer celebrations and occasions praising the nation’s blended legacy and culinary customs. From customary people celebrations to current Beer-tasting occasions, these social events offer local people and guests a chance to meet up and enjoy their adoration for Beer.celebrations and occasionsOne of Austria’s most famous Beer celebrations is the Wiener Wiesn Fest. It is held annually in Vienna, where supporters can appreciate unrecorded music, conventional cooking, and much Beer. Essentially, the Graz Bierfest in Styria features various Austrian and worldwide Beers, drawing in beer lovers worldwide.


What is the national Beer of Austria?

The national Beer of Austria is Stiegl. It is A famous beer admired by the people of Austria for its unique and tasty flavors.

Is Beer in Austria good?

Beer in Austria is perfect in taste. The beer varieties there are profoundly respected for their quality and variety.

What Beer is drunk in Austria?

Some famous Beers consumed in Austria incorporate Gösser, Ottakringer, Stiegl, and Zipfer, each offering exciting flavors and qualities of Austria's blending customs.

What is Austria's famous drink?

While Beer holds an extraordinary spot in Austrian culture, the nation is likewise famous for its wines, especially Grüner Veltliner and Riesling. Furthermore, Austria's popular beverage incorporates schnapps, a refined soul produced using natural products like apricots or plums.


Austria’s Beer culture offers rich flavors, customs, and development embroidery. From outstanding ales to high-quality art mixes, the leading 10 Austrian Beers, including Gösser, Ottakringer, Stiegl, Zipfer, and Edelweiss, address the zenith of blending greatness. Whether delighting in a customary Beer garden or an in-vogue unique Beer bar, these remarkable blends exhibit Austria’s obligation to quality, legacy, and the sheer joy of bringing a glass up at the festival.

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