This article will be a rundown of the 15 best Asian Beers. From fresh ales to strong beers, each blend offers a remarkable taste of the rich social legacy and creative craftsmanship of Asian bottling works.

Here’s the list of the Top 15 best Asian beers to try:

  • Taiwan Beer
  • Tsingtao
  • Tiger
  • Sapporo
  • Asahi
  • Chang
  • Bintang
  • Singha
  • Snow Beer
  • Kirin Beer
  • Anker Beer
  • Bira
  • Harbin
  • San Miguel
  • Cass Beer

Let us learn more details about these 15 top Asian beers. We will be discussing their diverse flavors and brewing techniques. After learning about these phenomenal beers, you will be able to pick one for yourself for your next beer bar trip. 

Best Asian Beers: Our Top 15 Picks

Here’s a list of the top 15 best Asian beers. Asian people are big beer fans. Due to this beer craze, liquor stores are flooded with the best Asian beer. We have some of those best picks aligned for you.

Taiwan Beer (Taiwan)

Taiwanese beer is refreshing and energizing. Moreover, its ingredients include top-notch malted grain and pure water. taiwan beerThese clean ingredients bring a perfect and smooth taste with an unpretentious sweetness.

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Tsingtao (China)

Tsingtao has earned its place in the global beer market with its quality and flavors. It demonstrates a light, fresh taste profile with a slightly hoppy finish. Tsingtao has the famous “Asian beer green bottle.”tsingtao These flavors are due to the combination of grains, rice, and hops. It is renowned for easy consumers and beer connoisseurs because of its smooth, reviving taste.

Tiger (Singapore)

Its name is after the famous image of Singapore. Additionally, Tiger Beer is a leader blend that has collected far and wide recognition for its strong and particular flavor. Fermented with a one-of-a-kind mix of malted grain and fragrant hops, Tiger Beer offers a decent taste with unpretentious notes of caramel and citrus.tiger beer

Its smooth and reviving character makes it an ideal ally for heat and humidity, making it a #1 choice among locals and explorers. Whether tasted by the ocean side or matched with appetizing road food, Tiger Beer catches the dynamic soul of Singapore in each taste.

Sapporo (Japan)

Sapporo Beer shows Japanese craftsmanship and greatness, beginning on Hokkaido’s northern island. It is prepared with carefully picked grain and hops. sapporo beerSapporo displays a rich and complex flavor profile with new and clean coloring. Because of its unique malt taste and bitterness, an adaptable brew supplements various food sources, from sushi to grilled meat.

Asahi (Japan)

One kind of Asian beer, Asahi Beer, is a Japanese mix, recognized by its extraordinary quality and smooth taste, that has established connections worldwide. It comes under the category of beers going with fish and chips. asahi dry beerThis beer conveys a refreshing new taste with soft, reviving completion because of the best fixings and high-level blending strategies. Its flawless and changed flavor profile makes it an adaptable choice for any occasion. 

Chang (Thailand)

Chang Brew is connected with Thailand’s energetic culture and relaxed way of life. Chang’s mixing of malted grains, rice, and hops also gives it a light, new taste with slight exquisiteness and some harshness. chang beer Its reviving flavor and smooth taste make it a famous decision among locals and travelers, particularly in Thailand’s warm and soggy environment.

Singha (Thailand)

Singha is Prepared using pure water from Thailand’s perfect springs and the best grain and hops. It comes under the best beers that start with S. This beer flaunts a striking flavor with a particular hoppy smell.singha beer Its smooth and complex taste, combined with a perfect, fresh completion, makes it a #1 among those looking for a more powerful Beer. Whether delighting in a hot Thai curry or as a reviving backup to barbecued fish, Singha Beer embodies the imaginativeness and craftsmanship of Thai fermenting customs.

Snow Beer(China)

As one of the world’s top-rated beers, Snow Beer has made tremendous progress in China’s cutthroat beer market. Snow Beer offers a light, refreshing taste, hidden sweetness, and perfect fresh skin mixed with top-quality malted grain and rice.snow beer Its smooth and straightforward drinking character has made it a famous decision for China’s relaxed consumers and beer fans.

Kirin Beer (Japan)

Prestigious for its uncommon quality and evident flavor, Kirin Beer is an image of Japanese preparing greatness. Kirin flaunts a smooth and offset taste with a fresh, clean complexion, prepared to utilize the best grain, hop, and pure spring water from Japan’s unblemished mountains.kirin Because of its delicate maltiness and bitterness, it’s an easy choice to pair with various Japanese dishes, from sashimi to tempura.

More Best Asian Beers

Anker Beer (Indonesia)

Anker Beer, hailing from the tropical heavens of Indonesia, is a fantastic beer that has been pleasing beer fans for ages. Crafted utilizing excellent malted grain and hops, Anker offers a fresh and invigorating taste with a sprinkle of sweetness and a spotless, smooth completion.anker beer

Furthermore, its light and balanced flavor profile makes it an ideal choice for pairing with hot Indonesian dishes or enjoying it all alone as an invigorating refreshment. Whether relished on a clamoring Jakarta road or delighted in by the ocean side in Bali, Anker Beer typifies Indonesia’s laid-back and tropical soul.

Bintang (Indonesia)

The most well-known mix in Indonesia’s archipelago, Bintang Lager, has a faithful fan base worldwide. It has a dash of citrus and a new, dry completion, mixed with incredible malted grains and sweet hops. Bintang offers an ideal and refreshing taste.bintang beer Its smooth and changed flavor makes it a decent decision for any occasion, whether coordinated with blazing Indonesian cooking or as a resuscitating reward.

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Bira (India)

Bira, India’s most crucial specialty Brew brand, has immediately climbed to the top with its inventive mixes and extreme flavors. Additionally, it is one of the most famous Asian beers. Utilizing a blend of malted grain, wheat, and fragrant hops, Bira offers a novel and stimulating taste with a bit of citrus and a new, dry fulfillment.bira beer

Its exceptional flavor profile and forward-thinking checking have made it number one among India’s young and notable larger buyers, obtaining worldwide thought. Whether pleased at a well-known rooftop bar in Mumbai or coordinated with hot street food in Delhi, Bira gets the vibrant and dynamic soul of India’s specialty, Lager turmoil.

Harbin (China)

It is out the best Asian beers. Moreover, Harbin’s process of making involves utilizing top-notch grain and hops. It offers a smooth and refreshing taste with a sprinkle of sweetness and a perfect, fresh complexion. harbin beerIts light and receptive flavor profile makes it a famous choice for relaxed consumers and beer specialists, earning it recognition as perhaps one of China’s best-loved beers.

San Miguel (Philippines)

Starting from the tropical shores of the Philippines, San Miguel Beer is a genuine symbol of the Filipino blending legacy. San Miguel, Prepared with the best-malted grain and imported hops, offers a smooth and full-bodied taste with a rich, malty flavor and a fresh, clean complexion.san miguel beerIts immortal allure and exemplary flavor make it number one among local people and exiles, as well as procuring acknowledgment as one of the Asian beers. Whether delighted at an exuberant holiday in Manila or tasted by the ocean side in Boracay, San Miguel Beer catches the embodiment of Filipino friendliness and warmth.

Cass Beer (Korea)

Cass Beer is one of South Korea’s most famous beer brands. Thanks to its reviving taste and smooth drinking experience, it has become easily recognized. Crafted utilizing the best grain and hops, Cass offers a perfect fresh flavor with a touch of sweetness and a refreshing, dry completion.cass beer

It’s light and easy to enjoy, making it a favorite for pairing with Korean barbecue or having a good time with friends on a night out. Whether at a busy street food market in Seoul or having a picnic in the countryside, Cass Beer embodies the idea of relaxation and socializing in Korean culture.

Above is the list of the best Asian beers.


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This guide has taught you about various aspects of the top 15 best Asian beers. Explore low-purine beer options for a better drinking experience. Each blend tells a story of tradition and skill, from Taiwan Beer’s freshness to Sapporo’s intricate flavors. For your next beer trip, don’t forget to try one of these beers from top Asian beer brands.

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