Beer lovers, prepare for a sip of refreshing brews beginning with the letter S! Whether you prefer crisp lagers, hoppy ales, or seasonal spiced sips, we’ve covered you with some genuinely terrific beers to tickle your taste buds. Let us look at the top beer that starts with S

Some of the best 12 beers that start from the letter S are as follows: 

  • Samuel Adams
  • Sierra Nevada
  • Stone, Shiner
  • Stella Artois
  • Smithwick’s
  • Spaten, Sapporo
  • Singha, Sambar
  • And Southern Tier 

Explore over a dozen dazzling drinks or beer that starts with an s, from American pioneers to Belgian benchmark beers. Enjoy tropical Thai flavors at Singha, Japanese craft at Sapporo, robust pumpkin pie punch at Southern Tier Pumking, or balanced brews at Shiner and Stella Artois. Discover your new favorite fall sippers worldwide. Also, try beers that are light for the stomach. Read on to learn more about beer that starts with S.

Top Beer That Starts with S

Let us look at the top beer that begins with s:

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Samuel Adams Boston Lager

One of the most well-known beers in America is Samuel Adams Boston Lager. Sam Adams, a Boston, Massachusetts native, debuted in 1984. The beer smells like caramel and honey and has a lovely golden hue. 

samuel adams boston lager

Hops give it a harsh aftertaste with an initial sweetness. The bitterness is balanced and goes well with the malty sweetness. This lager is light-bodied and very easy to drink. It is crisp and refreshing. 

Many say Sam Adams Boston Lager helped introduce more beer to Americans beyond the standard macro brew options. It has become the Boston Beer Company’s flagship beer and is now the most prominent American craft brewery.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Among the most well-known pale beers is the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Since its establishment in California in 1980, it has gained popularity nationwide. The beer smells of citrus and pine and has a pale golden tint.

sierra nevada pale ale

The tastes of hops and malt are well-balanced. The hop flavors come from Centennial, Cascade, and Perle hops. It is crisp and refreshing with low bitterness to enjoy it in large quantities. 

At 5.6% alcohol, it is not too strong. It is highly drinkable all year round due to its clean taste. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale helped establish American Pale Ale as a craft beer style. Many other pale ales take inspiration from this classic brew. It remains a top seller for Sierra Nevada and a pioneer of craft beer in the United States.

Stone IPA

The Stone Brewing Company brews a hoppy American IPA known as Stone IPA. It has a golden orange color with lots of bubbles. When you sniff, you will get aromas of mango, papaya, and tropical fruits from the many hops used.

stone ipa

The first sip reveals a nicely balanced bitterness from citrusy and piney hop flavors and some caramel sweetness from the malt. Drinking is refreshing, not too heavy, yet highly flavorsome and satisfying. The aftertaste of juice-like hoppiness and resinous notes lingers on.

Stone IPA is widely known as a benchmark IPA due to its assertive use of hops. It is highly seasonable and a favorite amongst craft beer lovers. So, if you like hoppy and fruity beers, Stone IPA will be right up your alley.

Shiner Bock

Shiner Bock is a trendy beer from Texas. It is brewed by the Spoetzl Brewery, one of Texas’s oldest breweries. Shiner Bock has a full flavor and tastes of caramel. The taste is sweet but also a little bitter. This gives it a balanced flavor. 

shiner bock

Shiner Bock follows old German traditions for making beer called Lentenbock. In past times, monks in Germany would drink a strong beer during Lent because they were not allowed to eat much. 

So Shiner Bock has this history of being a hearty beer. Even today, Shiner Bock is very full of taste and strength. It is popular in Texas and also other places. The brewery takes pride in keeping old traditions alive in their beers.

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Stella Artois

World-famous Belgian beer Stella Artois is a popular beverage everywhere. It smells delicate and fresh, and it is pale yellow. The flavor is clean, sharp, and just the right amount of filling. A hint of hop bitterness is present, but the malt counteracts it. 

stella artois

Stella Artois goes down smoothly and is refreshing to drink. It is a great beer to have with meals or to share with friends because of its widespread appeal. Many people recognize the Stella Artois chalice glass and consider it a quality beer.

Smithwick’s Irish Ale

Smithwick’s Irish Ale is a well-known beer from Ireland that many people enjoy. It has a nice red color that looks inviting. You get malt aromas and faint hints of toffee or caramel when you smell it. The taste has excellent balance, with sweet malt flavors upfront and pleasant bitterness in the finish. But it is never too heavy or thick.

Smithwick’s, renowned for its smooth mouthfeel and easy drinkability, offers a satisfying experience, whether savored slowly or enjoyed in larger quantities. Its flavor profile is enticing and well-balanced, with distinct toasted bread, butterscotch, or toffee notes.

smithwicks irish ale

Due to its moderate alcohol content fills you up slowly, making it an ideal choice to complement Irish dishes like shepherd’s pie or fish and chips. Its popularity extends globally, with many Irish pubs featuring it on taps worldwide.

Now, if you’re considering a departure from alcohol altogether and are searching for a zero-percentage alcohol beer, the diverse world of brews has much to offer. Keep exploring to find the perfect non-alcoholic option that suits your taste preferences and aligns with your desire for a zero-percent alcohol experience. Cheers to the world of flavorful choices!

Spaten Oktoberfest

Renowned German beer Spaten Oktoberfest is created specifically for the Oktoberfest event. It tastes just right—not overpowering nor underpowering—and has a vivid amber hue.

Spaten is one of the famous breweries in Munich that makes beer only for Oktoberfest. The beer follows the German purity barley, hops, and water laws.

spaten oktoberfest

The taste is lightly sweet from the malts with a clean finish. It’s very refreshing and easy to drink. During Oktoberfest, Spaten beer is enjoyed in big halls with friends, and foods like sausages and pretzels.

Many people look forward to this beer each fall as it brings smiles, celebrations, and memories of past festivals. With its great tradition and balanced flavor, Spaten Oktoberfest beer is certainly one to try if visiting Germany in October! This is one of the best beer that starts with S.

Sapporo Premium Beer

Sapporo Premium Beer comes from Japan. It is a trendy beer that has been made since 1876. That means it has been made for more than 140 years!

Sapporo Premium Beer is a pale lager. Lagers are lighter-colored beers that are stored cold for months. This makes them very crisp and smooth.

sapparo premium beer

It has a very nice, clean taste. Some people say it tastes a little bitter but not too much. The bitterness comes from the hop plants used to make it. Hops give beer its bitter taste. This is one of the best beer that starts with S.

This beer is perfect to drink on hot days. It is light and refreshing. The bubbles in it feel good in your mouth. Many people in Japan drink Sapporo beer with their meals, especially fish. It goes well with Japanese food like sushi.

Sapporo Premium Beer comes in green bottles or cans. It has a white label with red writing. The writing has the brand name in both Japanese and English.

If you see Sapporo Premium Beer when you are shopping for beer, you should try it. You will like its clean, crisp flavor after the first sip! It is a classic Japanese beer that people have enjoyed for a long time.


Singha Beer is a popular Thai beer. It has a light golden color. Singha has a sweet smell that comes from rice and barley. You will taste the richness of the barley when you take a sip. Hops, give it a slight bitterness as well. The beer tastes great and leaves your tongue feeling clean.

Singha is brewed by Boon Rawd Brewery in Thailand. The brewery has been making Singha since 1933. They use high-quality rice, which gives Singha a whole body. Singha is full of flavor but not too heavy. It is very refreshing to drink, especially on a hot day. One must give this beer that starts with an S a try.


In Thailand, Singha is the top-selling beer. It is known as the national beer of Thailand. Many Thai restaurants worldwide sell Singha so people can taste Thailand. Even though Singha is not a craft beer, it is still popular because of its smooth taste. The beer’s taste brings back happy memories for many Thai people of relaxing at home or with friends.

Whether in Thailand or elsewhere, Singha is a great beer to try to experience the traditional Thai flavor. Its sweet rice taste makes it very enjoyable during any time of year. Singha will give you a little bit of Thailand in every sip!

Sambar Export

Sambar Export is a beer from India. It has a nice light yellow color. When you smell it, you notice its sweet and yummy malty smell. Malty means it smells like grains, usually used to make beer.

sambar export

The taste of Sambar Export is crisp and clean. It goes down smoothly and leaves a nice flavor on your tongue. There is a hint of sweetness, but not too much. The aftertaste is satisfying and refreshing. This is among the top beer brand that starts with S.

Overall, Sambar Export is a well-balanced and easy-drinking beer. It’s not too strong in flavor but also not too weak. The malty scent and hint of sweetness make it appealing. The clean, smooth drinkability makes it a nice, straightforward beer. Its Indian origins give it an interesting cultural background, too. Whether trying international beers or wanting something light and inoffensive, Sambar Export could be a good choice!

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Sapporo Original Draft

Sapporo Original Draft is a trendy beer from Japan. It is made by Sapporo Brewery, one of Japan’s oldest beer companies, starting in 1876. This is one of the best beer brand starts with S.

Sapporo Original Draft is a light-lager beer. It has an immaculate and crisp taste. There is a slight bitterness, but not too much. The aftertaste is smooth and refreshing.

sapporo original draft

Many people say it is easy to drink and not heavy. It goes well with Japanese food like sushi, tempura, or ramen noodles. The light flavor does not overpower the taste of the food.

This beer became well-known outside of Japan, too. It is exported to many different countries. Both foreigners visiting Japan and Japanese restaurants overseas serve this beer.

The clean and straightforward taste makes it appeal to many people everywhere. It is affordable and available in major supermarkets and liquor stores.

Southern Tier Pumking

Southern Tier Pumking is a pumpkin beer. This beer that starts with S, has a strong flavor, and smells like fall. You taste vanilla and spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice when you drink it. You also get flavors of roasted nuts and buttery pie crust.

This beer is thicker and more robust than other pumpkin beers. It has an alcohol content of 8.6%, which is high for a pumpkin beer. Most other pumpkin beers have less alcohol.

southern tier pumking

Because of its intense, rich flavors, Southern Tier Pumking pairs well with fall foods. The spices in the beer go nicely with pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, or roasted nuts. Just tasting it makes you think of warm baked goods from the oven. This beer is among the highest percent alcohol beer, with an ABV of 8.6%

The brewery that makes it is Southern Tier. They are located in New York. Many stores and bars around America sell Southern Tier Pumking in the fall season to get people in the mood to enjoy pumpkins! It’s one of the most popular pumpkin beers in autumn.

So, if you want to try a pumpkin beer with big, bold flavors like the fall season, Southern Tier Pumking is a tasty choice. It will get you in the mood for pumpkin picking, bonfires, and all things cozy about autumn. So that is all about beer that starts with S.

With the thriving craft beer scene and commitment to quality, Arizona has earned its place among the top destinations for beer enthusiasts seeking new and exciting brews.

Whether you prefer crisp and clean lagers or bold and hoppy IPAs, there’s something for every palate among the 15 best Asian beers featured.

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What is a single beer?

A single beer is just a 'beer'. When you order one beer at a bar or restaurant, they will give you one.

What is flavored beer?

Beer that has fruit or other natural flavors added to it is 'flavored beer'. Some examples of flavors you might see are grapefruit, orange, cherry, pumpkin spice, chocolate, coffee, and more.

Is Radler a beer?

Yes, Radler is considered a type of beer. Radler is a beer mixed with a natural fruit juice, traditionally lemonade, but sometimes other fruits like grapefruit. It's a refreshing, low-alcohol beer drink.

Is Apple beer a beer?

Yes, apple beer is still classified as a beer. Apple beer is made like regular beer but uses apple juice or flavors instead of plain water. The result is a cider-like beer that tastes like apples. So, while it may not taste like a traditional beer, apple beer does use the beer brewing process, so it's considered a flavored beer.

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We hope you have a list of top-notch tipples or beer that starts with S, to seek out on your next brew run. From Spaten and Sierra Nevada holiday hellraisers to year-round summers like Shiner, Samuel Adams, and Singha, these superb suds satisfy any beer buff’s sip preferences. Also, if you want to pour a beer like a pro bartender, master the art of the perfect pour. Discover the 15 best beer cities in the US.

From selecting the proper glassware to achieving the ideal head of foam, a professional bartender knows how to deliver a satisfying pint. So, lift your lager and toast to your newfound favorites – happy hunting in the beer aisle ahead! We hope this article on beer name start with S has helped make your choice. Explore 15 Austin Breweries for enhanced flavors.

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