What if you could walk into the rich world of beer and explore the most exciting beer festivals around the globe? This article showcases the Top 10 Beer Festivals and Events in 2024, each with unique attractions, a wealth of beer styles, and brewing methods to discover. For those passionate about craft beers or who enjoy them occasionally, these events explore flavors and educational experiences. Each festival is a treasure trove of beer knowledge, from the traditional German beers at Oktoberfest to the diverse craft beers at the Oregon Brewers Festival. Don’t miss out on discovering where and when these fantastic celebrations occur. Get ready to mark your calendars!

Top 10 Beer Festivals and Events in the World

Festival NameCelebration DateLocationHighlights
OktoberfestLate September to Early OctoberMunich, GermanyLargest beer festival, traditional German beers
Great American Beer FestivalOctoberDenver, USAShowcases craft beer, special release beers
Belgium Beer WeekendSeptemberBrussels, BelgiumCelebrates Belgian brewing methods and beer styles
Qingdao International Beer FestivalJuly-AugustQingdao, ChinaAsia's largest beer festival, a mix of beer and music
The Great British Beer FestivalAugustLondon, UKFeatures local breweries, seasonal beers
Pilsner FestOctoberPilsen, Czech RepublicCelebrates Pilsner beer style, historic brewery tours
Oregon Brewers FestivalJulyPortland, USADiverse craft beers, VIP tickets for exclusive tastings
Australian International Beer AwardsMayMelbourne, AustraliaHighlights best craft beer, brewing excellence
Toronto's Festival of BeerJulyToronto, CanadaOutdoor festival, beer, and music combination
Cape Town Festival of BeerNovemberCape Town, South AfricaA charity event features limited-edition beers

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Top 10 Beer Festivals and Events in the World in 2024

Oktoberfest – Munich, Germany

Oktoberfest, celebrated as the largest beer festival globally, occurs annually in Munich, Germany. It kicks off in late September and extends to the first weekend of October. According to the Beer Festivals and Events enthusiasts, the historical origins of this iconic festival date back to 1810, when it celebrated Crown Prince Ludwig’s marriage.Oktoberfest

Today, it attracts millions of visitors who enjoy traditional German beers, craft beer, and delicious food. The festival features massive beer tents, each representing a different brewery. Visitors can participate in various activities, including carnival rides and games.

Oktoberfest is celebrated for its vibrant atmosphere, authentic Bavarian music, and vivid parades. Seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world’s most renowned beer celebration. If you are a German beer brand consumer, then do check out the best Bavarian beer in the US.

Great American Beer Festival – Denver, USA

Held every October, the Great American Beer Festival is a premier gathering for beer enthusiasts. Located in Denver, Colorado, it showcases a wide range of craft beers and includes beer-tasting sessions, educational seminars, and competitions. Great American Beer Festival

Brewers from all over the United States showcase their special releases and limited-edition beers. Attendees can sample hundreds of beers, engage with the brewers, and gain insights into various brewing techniques. The festival also offers VIP tickets for exclusive access to rare beers and private tastings.

Anyone deeply interested in American craft beer culture should consider it essential to visit.

Belgium Beer Weekend – Brussels, Belgium

Belgium Beer Weekend is a celebration of Belgium’s rich brewing heritage. Held in early September, it takes place in the historic Grand Place of Brussels. This festival features fermentation-forward beers from Belgium’s top breweries. Belgium Beer Weekend

Attendees can enjoy beer tasting, food pairings, and guided brewery tours. The event is known for its various beer styles, including Trappist, Lambic, and Belgian Ale. It’s an excellent opportunity to experience Belgian beer culture and traditions.

Live music, parades, and cultural performances add to the festive atmosphere.

Qingdao International Beer Festival – Qingdao, China

Asia’s largest beer festival is the Qingdao International Beer Festival, which takes place in Qingdao, China, from July to August. The festival features beer sampling from international and local breweries. Qingdao International Beer Festival

Visitors can also enjoy a mix of beer and music festivals, with live performances and entertainment. This outdoor festival also includes food stalls offering a variety of cuisines. This event is family-friendly, offering activities suitable for all ages, such as games and rides.

The festival is a vibrant celebration of beer culture in Asia.

The Great British Beer Festival – London, UK

The Great British Beer Festival is a key event for beer lovers in the UK. Every August, it is held in London and features a selection of beers from both local breweries and international brands. Visitors can sample over 1,000 beers, including seasonal beers and special releases. The Great British Beer Festival

The festival offers beer-tasting sessions, educational talks, and brewery tours. The festival is family-friendly, offering a variety of activities and games specifically designed for children. The event also includes food stalls offering traditional British cuisine.

Exploring the diverse beer landscape of the UK is a great opportunity provided by this event.

Pilsner Fest – Pilsen, Czech Republic

Pilsner Fest is a celebration that honors the origin of the Pilsner beer style. Held every October in Pilsen, Czech Republic, it honors the creation of Pilsner Urquell. The festival features historic brewery tours, beer tastings, and live music. Pilsner Fest

Visitors can enjoy traditional Czech beers and learn about the Pilsner brewing process. The event is celebrated for its vibrant atmosphere and cultural performances, offering a unique chance to delve into the origins of one of the most popular beer styles globally.

The festival also includes food stalls offering Czech cuisine.

Oregon Brewers Festival – Portland, USA

The Oregon Brewers Festival is a highlight in the American craft beer culture. Held every July in Portland, Oregon, it showcases various craft beers. Visitors can sample fermentation-forward beers and meet the brewers. Oregon Brewers Festival

The festival offers VIP tickets for exclusive access to rare beers and private tastings. It’s an outdoor festival with a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for enjoying the summer weather. The event also features food trucks, live music, and family-friendly activities.

It’s a must-visit for anyone passionate about American craft beer.

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Australian International Beer Awards – Melbourne, Australia

The Australian International Beer Awards is a premier event in the global beer calendar. Held every May in Melbourne, it celebrates excellence in craft beer and brewing methods. The event includes beer-tasting sessions, awards ceremonies, and educational seminars. Brewers from around the world compete for prestigious awards in various categories. Australian International Beer Awards

Visitors can taste award-winning beers and discover the latest trends in brewing. The festival also features food pairings and live entertainment. It’s a significant event for both brewers and beer enthusiasts. This exhibition also showcases the best Austrian beer for consumers.

Toronto’s Festival of Beer – Toronto, Canada

Toronto’s Festival of Beer is a major outdoor festival held every July. It features craft beer and microbreweries from Canada and around the world. Visitors can enjoy beer and music festivals, with live performances and entertainment. Toronto's Festival of Beer

The event offers beer sampling, food stalls, and interactive workshops. It’s a vibrant celebration of Canadian beer culture and traditions. The festival also includes activities and games for children, making it family-friendly. It’s a highlight in the Canadian beer calendar.

Cape Town Festival of Beer – Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town Festival of Beer is a lively event held every November. It features brewery tours, beer tastings, and a variety of limited-edition beers. The festival supports charity events and is a significant community gathering. Cape Town Festival of Beer

Visitors can enjoy craft beer from South Africa and around the world. The event features food stalls, live music, and family-friendly activities. It is a fantastic chance to discover South Africa’s varied beer landscape.

The festival also offers VIP tickets for exclusive access to special releases.

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What is the world's oldest beer festival?

Oktoberfest is the world’s oldest beer festival, held in Munich, Germany. It started in 1810 as a celebration of Crown Prince Ludwig's royal wedding. This festival features traditional brewing methods and a variety of craft beers.

When and where does the biggest beer festival take place?

Oktoberfest, the largest beer festival, takes place in Munich, Germany. This annual event runs from late September to early October and includes massive beer tents, family-friendly festivals, and traditional German-style beers.

Which country is home to Asia's largest beer festival?

China hosts Asia’s largest beer festival, the Qingdao International Beer Festival. Held in Qingdao from July to August, it features beer sampling, microbreweries, and a mix of beer and music festivals.

What is the largest beer event in the world?

The largest beer event in the world is Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. Attracting millions of visitors, it showcases traditional German beers, craft beer, and community events with cultural performances.

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