Are you a beer aficionado searching for the ideal method to discover unfamiliar brews? Discovering beer clubs and subscription services could be your ticket to exclusive, hard-to-find beers delivered right to your door.

This article will guide you through the top 10 beer clubs and subscription services, each offering a unique selection of rare and limited-release beers. Don’t miss out on these curated selections that could elevate your beer-tasting experience.

Here’s a table designed to give a quick overview of the best options available for beer enthusiasts looking to explore different beer clubs and subscription services:

RankBeer Club NameFeaturesBenefitsLocation
1Global HopsMonthly newsletter, limited-release beersExclusive access to rare brews, educational contentUSA
2Brew JourneyCraft beer subscription, beer tasting notesCustomizable subscriptions, a variety of beer stylesUSA, Canada
3Artisan Ales ClubArtisanal beers, small batch brewsSupports local breweries, unique selectionsUSA
4The Pint SocietySubscription boxes, food pairingsInteractive activities, pairs of food and beerUK
5Craft Brews UnlimitedMicrobrewed beer, brewery profilesIn-depth brewery stories, brewer interviewsUSA
6Hopper’s ClubCraft breweries, beer stylesMonthly meetups, brewery toursUSA, UK
7Rare Brews CollectiveLimited-release beers, exclusive accessAccess to limited edition beers, collectors' itemsUSA
8Suds ClubBeer club membership, beer road tripRoad trips to breweries, beer festivalsUSA, Canada
9Foam FansMonthly newsletter, interactive activitiesCommunity events, beer education sessionsUSA
10Ale AdventuresCraft beer subscription, curated selectionsPersonalized selections, discovery of new brewsUSA, Australia

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Top 10 Best Beer Clubs and Subscription Services

Discover the elite selection of beer clubs and subscription services that cater to every taste and preference. Here’s our detailed breakdown of the best options, ensuring you find the perfect match for your beer-loving heart!

Global Hops

Global Hops offers an expansive array of limited-release beers and a comprehensive monthly newsletter. Its exclusive access to rare finds makes it a top choice for enthusiasts seeking depth and variety. global hops beer club

Visit: Global Hops

Brew Journey

With Brew Journey, subscribers get customizable plans that suit any palate, detailed beer-tasting notes, and a craft beer subscription that explores many beer styles. brewer journey

Visit: Brew Journey

Artisan Ales Club

Artisan Ales Club focuses on small-batch and artisanal beers, supporting local craft breweries and providing members with a sense of community and uniqueness. Artisan Ales Club

Visit: Artisan Ales Club

The Pint Society

Based in the UK, The Pint Society pairs subscription boxes with food pairings, offering interactive activities to enhance your beer experience.the pint society beer club

Craft Brews Unlimited

This club delves into the stories behind the brews with in-depth brewery profiles and interviews, offering microbrewed beer lovers a backstage pass to the brewing process. Craft Brews Unlimited

Hopper’s Club

Hopper’s Club enriches the traditional club experience with regular meetups and tours across various craft breweries, making it ideal for those who enjoy beer styles and community gatherings. hoppers club

Visit: Hopper’s Club

Rare Brews Collective

Rare Brews Collective is all about exclusivity. It provides access to limited-release beers and special collectors’ items for avid collectors. Rare Brews Collective

Visit: Rare Brews Collective

Suds Club

Suds Club turns beer enjoyment into an adventure with beer road trips and festival visits, perfect for those who wish to explore beer club membership beyond the glass. Suds Club

Foam Fans

Foam Fans offers a vibrant community with monthly interactive activities and educational sessions, ideal for those looking to deepen their understanding of beer. Foam Fans beer club

Ale Adventures

For those down under, Ale Adventures offers a curated experience with personalized selections of craft beer subscriptions, exploring new brews tailored to your tastes. Ale Adventures

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Pros And Cons Of The Top 10 Best Beer Clubs And Subscription Services

Beer Club NameProsCons
Global HopsExtensive selection of limited-release beers.Higher price points due to exclusive offerings.
Brew JourneyHighly customizable subscriptions.Limited international shipping options.
Artisan Ales ClubSupports local breweries with small-batch brews.It may not offer the variety seen in larger clubs.
The Pint SocietyIncludes interactive food pairings.Primarily available in the UK.
Craft Brews UnlimitedIn-depth brewery profiles and stories.Focuses more on microbrews and less on the mainstream.
Hopper’s ClubOffers brewery tours and community meetups.Requires travel, potentially adding costs.
Rare Brews CollectiveExclusive access to rare and limited beers.The beers' rarity significantly contributes to their high cost.
Suds ClubFeatures beer road trips and festival visits.Geared towards more adventurous drinkers.
Foam FansCommunity events and educational sessions.More focused on engagement than beer variety.
Ale AdventuresPersonalized selections tailored to taste.Limited availability outside the USA and Australia.

How Does Beer of the Month Club Work?

Beer of the Month Clubs are a fantastic way for beer enthusiasts to explore various brews from the comfort of their homes. But how exactly do these clubs operate? Let’s break it down into simple steps to understand the allure and functionality of these subscription services.

Sign Up and Customize

To start, subscribers choose a membership plan that fits their preferences. Many clubs offer options ranging from craft beer subscriptions to artisanal beers. You can often customize your subscription based on beer styles, frequency of delivery, and even the number of bottles per shipment.

Curated Selections

Once you’ve signed up, the club curates a selection of beers each month. These are typically chosen by experts focusing on limited-release, microbrewed, and small-batch brews. The goal is to provide a diverse tasting experience with domestic and international offerings.

Monthly Deliveries

Every month, members receive a box containing a set number of beers. This box also includes beer-tasting notes, which help understand the brewery profiles, the brewing process, and the ideal food pairings. This educational component is a big draw for those looking to deepen their beer knowledge.

Exclusive Access and Benefits

Members often get exclusive access to beers not available to the general public. Additional benefits include discounts on additional purchases, invitations to member-only events, and interactive activities like virtual tastings.

Continuous Discovery

Each month brings new beers, ensuring no two shipments are identical. This continuous discovery keeps the subscription exciting and educational, making it a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Beer of the Month Clubs enhance your understanding and appreciation of beer and connect you with a larger community of like-minded individuals. Whether you’re a casual drinker or a connoisseur, these clubs can offer a fresh perspective on the ever-evolving world of beer.

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Pros And Cons Of A Typical Beer Of The Month Club

Beer SelectionAccess to various craft beers and limited-release beers from around the world.Selections are predetermined, limiting personal choice.
Educational ContentIncludes beer tasting notes and brewery profiles, enhancing the drinking experience.Educational materials may be too basic for advanced brewers.
ConvenienceMonthly deliveries are right to your door; visiting stores is unnecessary.Depending on the location, the shipping costs may be considerably high.
ExclusivityFrequently features beers and small-batch brews that are inaccessible to the general public.Exclusivity can mean higher overall costs.
Community and EventsSome clubs offer member-only events and interactive activities.Events may not be accessible to all, especially in remote areas.
Subscription FlexibilityOptions for customizable subscriptions to match your taste and frequency preference.Long-term commitments may be required for the best prices.

How Do Beer Competitions Work?

Beer competitions are a staple in the craft beer community. They showcase the artistry and skill of brewers worldwide and celebrate the beer world’s diverse styles and flavors. Here’s a simplified breakdown of how these competitions typically operate.

Entry and Categories

Brewers from craft breweries and larger establishments enter their brews into specific categories, such as IPA, Stout, or Lager. These categories are designed to structure the competition effectively and ensure that similar entries are compared. Some competitions also feature special categories for limited-release beers or small-batch brews.


A panel of judges, often including experienced brewers, industry experts, and beer aficionados, is tasked with tasting and evaluating the beers. Judging is typically blind; the judges are unaware of the brands or breweries involved, ensuring impartiality. They assess each beer on several criteria, including appearance, aroma, flavor, style conformity, and high noon alcohol percent.


Each beer receives a score based on adherence to the style guidelines and overall quality. The scoring system varies by competition but generally includes detailed beer-tasting notes and ratings for different aspects of the beer.


After all, beers are judged, scores are tallied, and awards are given in each category. Awards can range from gold, silver, and bronze to special recognitions like “Best in Show” or “Brewer of the Year.” Winning a beer competition can provide exclusive access to new customers and a significant prestige boost.

Public Tasting and Feedback

Often, these competitions are accompanied by public events where attendees can taste the competing beers and sometimes even cast their votes for fan favorites. This provides valuable feedback to the brewers and fosters community engagement.

Beer competitions are crucial in brewing. They promote excellence, innovation, and camaraderie among brewers and beer enthusiasts. They are about winning, learning, sharing, and celebrating the rich brewing culture.

Pros And Cons Of Participating In Beer Competitions

Exposure and RecognitionGreat platform for brewers to gain recognition and showcase their skills.It is highly competitive, which makes it challenging for newcomers to distinguish themselves.
Feedback from ExpertsValuable feedback from industry experts helps improve brewing techniques.Feedback can be harsh or subjective, which may be discouraging.
Networking OpportunitiesOpportunity to meet other brewers and industry professionals.Networking events may be limited to larger competitions only.
Marketing and SalesWinning can boost a brewery's reputation and sales significantly.The costs of entering and attending competitions can be high, impacting ROI.
Educational BenefitsParticipants can learn about new trends, techniques, and styles in brewing.Time-consuming, which can divert focus from daily operations.
Community BuildingBuilds camaraderie and community among participants.High stakes and competition can sometimes foster negativity.

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How much beer per month?

Depending on your subscription preferences, most beer clubs deliver 12 to 24 monthly bottles. This arrangement enables you to enjoy a diverse array of beer styles regularly.

What is a club beer?

A club beer typically refers to exclusive brews available only to beer club members. These often include limited-release beers and small-batch brews curated specifically for the club.

Is Craft Beer Club legit?

Yes, the Craft Beer Club is a reputable service offering a wide selection of microbrewed and artisanal beers. Members enjoy benefits like exclusive access to new releases and brewery profiles.


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